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France 2 celebrates on Saturday evening the commitment of Line Renaud against HIV

INTERVIEWLike Liza Minelli in the United States, Line Renaud has long been involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. France 2 pays tribute to him on Saturday evening, in the middle of the Sidaction weekend, with the show Thank you Line. The actress and singer, vice-president of the Sidaction association, explains in Media Culture that this show, already recorded, was a total surprise to her. Line Renaud thought indeed attending a usual edition of the call for donations.

“Someone who is cared for no longer transmits the virus”

As she was doing her ritual introductory speech, host Olivier Minne appeared to tell her that the theme of the evening was actually herself and her 35 years of engagement. Line Renaud tells us that she was amazed. “It was amazing as a show, and amazing as a surprise. I had a hard time getting over it, I was silent for a very long time. It was loud, very, very loud, and I think the audience is fine. feel it like that, ”she explains, visibly still touched.

Many artists have come together to thank her. Among them, Elton John, who sent a video message to Line Renaud. “There is something to laugh about, there is something to cry about, and there is something to spend a fantastic evening,” promises the actress.

Anonymous people also paid tribute to him, all with the same message: Line Renaud’s fight continues. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the fight against HIV even more urgent. “There has been no more screening for HIV, so there are more people attacked by the virus now”, explains Line Renaud. “Get tested, because someone tested is someone who is treated. And therefore someone who no longer transmits the virus.”

The evening Thank you Line is broadcast on Saturday evening at 9 p.m. on France 2. Donations for Sidaction are made by calling 110.

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