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Former PSD boat Queen Emma will sail back to Zeeland on Wednesday | NOW

The former PSD boat Queen Emma returns to Zeeland on Wednesday. The ship is expected to arrive at Shipyard Reimerswaal in Vlissingen-East around 4.30 pm.

The Queen Emma sails under her own steam from Scheveningen to Vlissingen, where the ship is given its final resting place. From Westkapelle and the boulevard of Vlissingen, there is a good view of the historic ship during its last cruise. The current position of the ship can be followed under the name Estrella on the website Marinetraffic or via the live updates on the Twitterand Facebook account of

The Queen Emma is the oldest sailing ship that the shipyard De Schelde has built. Until 1968 the ship was used as a pound for the smaller lines, such as between Terneuzen and Hoedekenskerke and Katseveer and Zierikzee.

A total of 40 ships have maintained the ferry services of the PSD. Most of those ships no longer exist.

That is why volunteers considered it important to record the history of the King Emma. The foundation looked for investors who wanted to help re-use the ship. Sailing on is not profitable with such an old ship. That is why the vessel will be converted into a bed and breakfast with an exhibition or museum function and possibly some small catering establishments.

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The Queen Emma will fulfill this function in a historic place: the Scheldt quarter in Vlissingen. That is also the place where the ship was built 88 years ago.

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