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for world trade, the impact is considerable



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J. Bigard, MP.Degorge, N. Dreujou, C. Gindre – franceinfo

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Since Tuesday March 23, a cargo ship has been blocked in the Suez Canal (Egypt), preventing all traffic through this maritime artery, however strategic for world trade.
A freighter has been stuck in the Suez Canal (Egypt) since Tuesday March 23. It contains 20,000 containers, and is 400 meters long, the equivalent of four football fields. Behind him, the waiting boats accumulate. By blocking the canal, it clogs a maritime artery which concentrates 10% of world traffic. In total, more than a hundred boats are already stranded, the equivalent of nine billion euros in goods.

Experts expect deliveries from Asia to be delayed in many sectors. “There may be shortages”, warns Christian Bouchet, lecturer, geopoliticologist and director of the Center d’études de la mer at the Catholic Institute of Paris. “Earlier I had a large textile importer who confessed to me [qu’on lui a fait] except that this delay could generate, perhaps, a lag of a month on what he expected next week. “ The concern is also over oil. Part of the production, especially from the Middle East, passes through the Suez Canal. The price of a barrel has already increased by 5%. According to several experts, unblocking the channel could take several days or even weeks.

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