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for the Academy of Medicine, the vaccination of caregivers “must become compulsory”

The body wrote on Tuesday in a press release that it considers the vaccine reluctance “ethically unacceptable among caregivers”.
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After the Order of Physicians which evokes a “ethical requirement”, the National Academy of Medicine judges, Tuesday March 9, that the vaccination of caregivers against Covid-19 “must become mandatory”. “Faced with a major infectious risk threatening the community and against which effective vaccines are available, the principle of compulsory vaccination must be considered”, wrote the instance in a press release, judging the vaccine hesitancy “ethically unacceptable among caregivers”.

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The National Academy of Medicine estimates that “the Covid-19 pandemic, which represents the most serious health and economic crisis since the Second World War, meets all the criteria for the establishment of compulsory vaccination”.

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She recommends “to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory for all health professionals working in the public or liberal sector, in health establishments and in EHPADs, as well as for carers for the elderly”, she specifies.

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