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for Imame Kahina Bahloul, the position of the State is “very ambiguous”

INTERVIEWWhile the bill to fight against “separatism” is debated from Tuesday in the Senate, Kahina Bahloul, the first female imam of France, denounced the government’s attitude on this issue. “I sincerely find the position of the government, and even of the French state, very ambiguous, if only on the question of the representativeness of Islam in France today”, she criticized Tuesday in microphone from Europe 1.

“Liberals like us are not even invited to the discussions”

“We know very well that within the French Council of Muslim Worship, we have federations which are very close to the currents of political Islam. The French State has been discussing with them for years and considers them to be representative. , whereas people like us, who are liberals, who advocate equality between women and men, who live an Islam which is in total harmony with the values ​​of the Republic, we are not even invited to these discussions “, she developed.

The government has shown for several months its willingness to create an “Islam of France”, with the law against “separatism” but also the National Council of Imams, responsible for certifying the training of imams, or a “charter of principles” of Islam in France. The French Council of Muslim Worship had also agreed in mid-January on this charter which provided in particular to enshrine equality between men and women and the non-interference of foreign countries.

In addition, the law against “separatism” is also criticized in the political spectrum. On the right, we deplore an insufficient text, particularly on the issue of migration, while on the left, the weakness of the social component and measures to combat discrimination is pointed out, such as the government’s desire to “stigmatize Muslims”. The Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, who carries this bill, wants to show him intractable in the “fight against Islamism in society”.

“The politicization of the Muslim religion takes me back 25 years”

At the microphone of Europe 1, Kahina Bahloul was more generally worried about the return of the religious in the public space. “This politicization of the Muslim religion takes me back 25 years, to the black decade in Algeria, to this nightmare of political Islam which destroyed a country and an entire people for several years. We find in this so-called Islamic feminism the politicization of the management of the body of the woman. As if the body of the woman should absolutely come under a political, public debate, led by men and religious leaders, whereas it should be a private and individual matter “, a she concluded.

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