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For Commander Massoud’s son, “a precipitous American withdrawal would lead to civil war”

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                In an interview with France 24 from Paris, Ahmad Massoud, the son of Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud assassinated in September 2001, expresses his concern about the prospect of an American withdrawal from Afghanistan by May. .  For him, a hasty departure would lead to a "civil war".  Ahmad Massoud also condemns the agreement reached last year between Washington and the Taliban, calling it "an error".

                                    <p><span><span><span>Ahmad Massoud, the son of assassinated Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, salutes on France 24 the tribute paid to his father by the City of Paris, which gave his name to a square in the French capital.  For him, it is a choice rich in meaning, not only for his family but also for the fight against terrorism in the world.</span></span></span>

The consequences of the American withdrawal

In this interview, Ahmad Massoud castigates the deal reached a year ago between the United States and the Taliban – accord which, by excluding the Afghan government, has “completely destroyed the balance of power between the negotiating parties” and constitutes a mistake.

The stresses that the inter-Afghan talks which followed are also a failure because if the United States decides to withdraw its troops in a hasty way, Afghanistan “would sink again into chaos, violence and civil war”.

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The Biden administration and Afghanistan

On our antenna, Ahmad Massoud also urges the Biden administration to be patient and maintain a military presence beyond the deadline of 1is May fixed by the agreement signed with the Taliban. He is in favor of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s proposal for the formation of a transitional government that would lead the country to elections.

Ahmad Massoud criticizes President Ashraf Ghani’s refusal to accept such a government and proposes holding early elections. For Commander Massoud’s son, President Ashraf Ghani has failed and should resign.

Dialogue with the Taliban

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On the involvement of the Taliban in a political process, he asserts that “we must speak with [les] Taliban, we must make peace with the Taliban, “but warns that the insurgents must at the same time accept core values ​​such as democracy and women’s rights.” We will not sacrifice the values ​​for which we fought. ” , he insisted.

Finally, he asserts that his late father’s vision of a decentralized country on the model of Switzerland is just as relevant today as it was twenty years ago. According to him, this model is the only one capable of finally bringing peace.

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