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for better and for worse with the XV of France

The XV of France faces Scotland this evening. This is the last match of the Blues in the Six Nations Tournament. At stake: a first coronation in this Tournament since 2010. We can not wait to be at 9 pm for the special evening on Europe 1. For Virginie Phulpin, our history with the XV of France, it looks like a wedding.

We swore loyalty for better and for worse. And since the start of this Six Nations Tournament, we have had a nice summary of common life with these Blues who blow hot and cold. They excite us as much as they make us angry. We cry, we laugh, between champagne and broken dishes for two months. The least we can say is that we do not have a lukewarm relationship with the XV of France. There is action, there is no risk of falling asleep by the daily grind.

This match against Scotland this Friday evening is still the possibility of returning to European summits 11 years after the last victory. And as if that weren’t enough, it takes a big victory. Score four tries, get an offensive bonus and win by more than 21 points. This means that we will spend our evening looking at the stopwatch that we will find too slow or too fast, it will depend on the moments. We will push the little ones by screen or interposed enclosure, it looks like the evening of the year.

There’s no denying it, it’s been a long time since we’ve known these moments of mixed fear and excitement with the Blues. Fabien Galthié revived the XV of France, and at the same time he revived a crazy passion between the public and this team. The fire had died down a bit over these years without victories, but there, the Blues were perfectly able to blow on the embers.

For better and for worse too.

The problem, in weddings, is sometimes the clumsy speeches of certain guests who we could do without. Bernard Laporte, the president of the federation, and his vice-president Serge Simon still gave us lunar trips about the health protocol not really respected by the XV of France. Between the contaminated doorknob and digressions on patient zero, we were served. Do you see that moment when we all plunge our eyes into our plates because we are a little ashamed? Here. And there, this Thursday, as if tonight’s game did not have enough appeal, as if it was better not to lay a low profile after the story of the players who went out to eat waffles in Rome by breaking the bubble, the community manager of the federation joked about the day of the waffle. It makes the sports ministry and the Top 14 clubs laugh moderately. We can understand them.

Do you know what we’re gonna do? We are going to leave the humor to the English, they are better and they only have that left in this Six Nations Tournament, and we are going to take the victory, right? Let it end in a honeymoon rather than a Scottish divorce.

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