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following the UN investigation, an exacerbated anti-French sentiment?


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A recent UN report indicates that an Operation Barkhane strike in Mali targeted civilians in a Malian village. Can we fear hostility vis-à-vis the French troops?
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Does the recent UN report, which accuses the French military of having struck on civilians, risk fueling hostility towards French troops? In duplex in Dakar (Senegal), the journalist France Télévisions Afrique Nicolas Bertrand, traveling to Mali a few days ago, sheds light. The answer is yes, without a doubt, explains the journalist. In the markets in Bamako (Mali), everyone repeats the same thing, the French army is welcome in Mali, provided it serves the Malian people, and the problem is that the results do not follow.

Eight years after the start of the French intervention in Mali, “insecurity is very great“and”the attacks continue“, adds Nicolas Bertrand, indicating that” the Malians are exhausted by the war “. The” alleged blunder “comes to add fuel to the fire.”Anti-French sentiment is possible, especially since the French fear that this affair will be exploited, recovered for political ends and make their work more complicated on a daily basis.“, concludes the journalist, and this”even if it is true that many Malians tell us that they know very well that without the French soldiers, their country would probably be on the verge of chaos“.

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