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Flat case for Juventus – after a brain drop

Juventus have won Serie A nine years in a row, but before today’s meeting with Benevento they were ten points behind league leaders Inter.

At home, as expected, they took hold of the match and from the right, Dejan Kulusevski created dangers with his left.

Goalless during the break

The Swedish national team player served Cristiano Ronaldo, among others, to 1-0, but the line judge waved for offside.

0-0 stood until the 69th minute when Juventus’ play-intelligent midfielder Arthur suddenly suffered a concussion in his own half.

Arthur hit a pass from the side straight into the penalty area. Adolfo Gaich intercepted the ball and sent it in 1-0 for the guests.


Juventus put in a higher gear in the hunt for a draw and the shooting king Ronaldo threatened in vain with wide sides and bicycle kicks.

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In the final stages, Kulusevski sent a post that the home players hit, but it did not want to and Benenvento rode out the storm.

Juventus misses the chance to overtake Milan and remains in third place. Eleven rounds remain of Serie A.

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