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Fire! Chatterton, ten years of career and a new album



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Arthur Teboul, the singer of Fire! Chatterton is the guest at 11 p.m. on Monday, March 29. The group, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, has just released a new album entitled “Palais d’argile”.
The French group Feu! Chatterton celebrates its 10th anniversary by going out Clay palace, his new album. On this occasion, Arthur Teboul, the singer, is the guest of 11pm. “There is an entrance triptych, three songs which are quite caustic. We speak with humor of the economic and social crisis that is raging in our country, of this model that we have known, of the values ​​in which we grew up and which are running out of steam (…) so it is is difficult, because it is a questioning ”, details the artist.

But this anger, the starting point of the album, is not an end point. Yet written before the first confinement in March 2020, it resonates with what is happening now. “We were caught up in the news, but there were a lot of warning signs”, confirms Arthur Teboul.

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