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Finland fights precious metal from the European Championships in Athletics – a strong word from the expert on the backgrounds of medalists – Athletics

Finnish athletics coaching has a better reputation, writes Lauri Hollo, an athletics expert at Ilta-Sanomat and Urheilulehti.

What unites Finnish medalists in the European Athletics Championships Kristian Pullia, Ella Junnilaa and Lotta from Kemppi?

Everyone has a Finnish coach, even a long-term one.

There has been a lot of talk about the fact that the skills of Finnish coaching run out when the athlete comes to the point that it is time for the international peak. The last time the topic opened was the fourth run in the European Championships Nooralotta Nezirin coach Petteri Jouste.

The European Championships proved the opposite. Kristian Pullia has been coached by her own father all her life Seppo Pulli. Lotta has been coaching Kemppi since she was a child Mervi Brandenburg. Until 2016, Ella Junnila was coached by her own mother Ringa Ropo, after which the coaching responsibility was transferred To Jouko Kilvel.

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Moni imagines that Finland does not have sufficient coaching skills. Therefore, for example Hanna-Maari Päkk (os. Latvala) and Viivi Lehikoinen have moved to foreign coaching.

In the spring of 2016, Päkk moved from Petteri Jouste’s team to Florida with a merit Lance Braumanin to the stable. Those years were completely wasted, the backpack came drastically. In 2018, he moved to the top Swiss coach Laurent Meuwlyn coaching. There was a small pick-up, but our own records are still seven years behind.

Lehikoinen, who collected medals in the 400-meter fences in the junior series, enjoyed the Pori Jussi Ihamäki in coaching until 2020, but he also switched to the Meuwly stable for this season.

At least based on the reign, no development is in sight.

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Do we live in the delusion that much more is known about coaching in the world than in Finland? Today, all possible coaching knowledge exists between books and covers and online. It is a question of its correct application.

It is It is true that in many other countries conditions are better and coaches have the opportunity to do their job as professionals. With a few exceptions, people go in Finland in addition to their own work. It is also true that our coaching training system is not completely up to date in all respects.

Still, Finnish athletics coaches are making an excellent mark. So would it be time to stop underestimating our own coaching skills? What if we tried to strengthen the self-esteem and competence of top Finnish coaches? Matches as a guest of top foreign coaches would be a great way to do this. There is a network for that.

For the athlete there is always a big risk of switching from a familiar environment to an unknown one. Sometimes it can bear fruit, but often the opposite is true. Dozens of Finns have gone to the US university carousel for “top coaching” in the hope of a better future. How many athletes have come back from there preferring to leave?

They can be counted with the fingers of one hand of an incompetent sawmill. What if we relied on Finnish know-how?

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