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Fines will be stopped for nightly raggar music

This summer, the noise from cars playing loud music was the single most common reason why people in Dalarna and Värmland contacted the police. During two summer months, the police in the two counties received more than 600 calls about disturbing music.

– This is by far the biggest problem for the citizens of Arvika. These are not occasional disturbances from time to time. It is systematic night after night, year after year. We have many citizens who are very upset by this. There are people who call me and tell me that they are on sick leave because they cannot sleep, says Jonas Wendel, local police area manager in Arvika.

The police have lacked effective tools to overcome the problem. But now a revision of the fines catalog is out for consultation and the public prosecutor proposes that disturbing music should be classified as annoying behavior.

Give a fine on the spot

Jonas Wendel at the police in Arvika believes that they would need the opportunity to give a fine on the spot to the person driving the vehicle to get to grips with the problem.

– As it is now, we have to prove who in the car is in charge of the music, it is the one who is harassing or guilty of annoying behavior. It is impossible if there are 5-6 people in the car and they play music via mobile.

There are already a number of decisions from district courts where prosecution has been brought for the crime. Among other places in Mora, where the district court recently announced a verdict for annoying behavior by playing loud music.

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The penalty for playing too loud music is proposed to be a fine of SEK 800.

– If it turns out the way I want, we will have driver responsibility and the opportunity to fine on the spot, says Jonas Wendel at the police in Arvika.

The public prosecutor also points out that it is important not to violate fundamental freedoms and rights and that the intention is to focus on music that is played too loud, not music with offensive lyrics.

High time for workshop

Interior Minister Mikael Damberg (S), who has been involved in the issue, writes in an answer to a written question from the moderate Member of Parliament Pål Jonson (M) that he will closely follow the matter to ensure that the measures have the intended effect.

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-It is high time that there will be a workshop. I want to point out that we in the police do not turn to this culture, there are many who take care of themselves. The problem is a group of people that we need better opportunities to access, concludes Jonas Wendel, local police area manager in Arvika.

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