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Filmed an autopsy in Gothenburg and spread the pictures

The autopsy was carried out during the summer of 2019. It soon became clear that photos taken there were spread on Snapchat and that they were posted by the employee.

In the report to IVO, the investigator writes that the woman was confronted with the information and got to see the pictures. She then admitted that she posted these as well as a short film “with macabre content that shows open body and skull”. However, the body could not be identified, as a surgical drape was placed over the face.

The result of the confrontation was that the employee was immediately fired without pay and later dismissed.


The woman later claimed that she never posted a film, only pictures of patient preparations that she shared with colleagues on Snapchat. She also says that she did not know that photography is not allowed during an autopsy, and that she deeply regrets it.

However, this does not change IVO’s assessment. There, the woman is criticized for having acted extremely inappropriately and indiscriminately, in a way that risks undermining confidence in health care.

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