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Fierce allegation behind the scenes of Diana’s scandal interview: fake evidence of a babysitter’s abortion was shot in front of the princess – Royal

According to the British Daily Mail, Princess Diana would have been presented with fictitious evidence that the family’s babysitter had been pregnant for Prince Charles.

One of the biggest conflicts in the British court took place in 1995, when the princess Diana gave BBCan interview in which he spoke his mouth clean. Diana opened Martin Bashirin Panoramaprogram interview, among other things, about his troubled marriage to the prince Charlesin with eating disorder.

Last November, it was reported that the princess did not participate in the program of her own free will, but that she might be tricked into getting involved. Now the accusations continue and the British newspaper Daily Mail reports on the ruthless ways in which it claims Diana has been deceived.

According to the Daily Mail, Diana was presented with a fake certificate of abortion by a babysitter before the interview Tiggy Legge-Bourken alleged to have done. Legge-Bourke worked as a prince Harry and the prince William as a babysitter when they are small.

According to the British newspaper, Diana was about to cancel an interview with Panorama just before her recordings. However, journalist Bashir was insured, according to the princess, by showing her a forged certificate that Legge-Bourke had had an abortion. Diana is said to have been sure of the prince Charlesilla had a relationship with a babysitter, as a result of which this had become pregnant.

Martin Bashir served as the editor of the rave interview. Now Bashir is alleged to have tricked the princess into agreeing to speak to him.­

In a turbulent interview at the time, Diana talked about her marital problems, extramarital affairs, and how she contracted an eating disorder.­

According to the Daily Mail, Diana had also gotten in her head that Charles wanted to murder her so that she could marry babysitter Legge-Bourke. According to the magazine, a fake abortion certificate made Diana furious and convinced that Legge-Bourke had actually been pregnant with her husband.

The evidence presented by Bashir is also said to have convinced Diana that it would be worthwhile to open up about her private life in a BBC interview.

According to the Daily Mail, Diana was also believed to be a queen Elisabet would give up his crown and Charles would become king.

According to allegations made last November, journalist Bashir manipulated Diana to give an interview as well by presenting her with forged bank receipts. Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer claimed to British newspapers at the time that her sister had been tricked into participating in an interview with Panorama. Jaarli Spencer has said in public that he was the person who introduced Bashir to Princess Diana.

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Last fall, Jaarli Spener accused Bashir and the BBC of making bank documents that court employees had sold information about the princess to the media. According to Jaarl, Bashir had also lied that Prince Charles had a relationship with the family’s babysitter.

Princess Diana is said to have believed that Prince Charles had a relationship with the family’s babysitter. Pictured are Diana, Harry and William in 1985.­

Charles Spencer’s allegations raised a huge stir in Britain last autumn and the BBC announced that it would look into the matter and find out the truth.

The BBC said an independent investigation would be led by one of the country’s most respected judges, the Lord Dyson. Peoplen according to Dyson is due to publish the results of its investigation in the coming months. So far, the judge does not want to comment on the case, as the investigation is still ongoing.

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