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Fiat Tipo’s new company: Such is the refreshed affordable family farm – Cars

The fresh jeans version of the Fiat Tipo is a qualified basic family car.

Fiat has introduced a few new products in recent years, and the model range has relied heavily mainly on the retro model, which has already seen life, and its various variations. Perhaps that is why Fiat’s sales success in Finland has been only a faint echo in recent years.

New blood is needed for the sign to rise again. It is offered by the electric version of the 500 seen in Finland in the spring and the compact basic family car Tipo, which returns to the Finnish sales program.

Tipo has suitably received a light refreshment this year, where the most significant renovation is an even bolder bow mask. Fiat is embroidered on the bow in capital letters so sure you can see, and why not, for it Roberto Gioliton the pen-filled Tipo is still a pretty reveling revelation and the usual neat game.

The Farmari-Tipo is much longer than the hatchback model. The shapes of the body are proportional to their design.­

Tipo has tried to swim into the Finnish market before, but sales success has been sluggish. However, the reason may not have been in the car, but in other factors. Under the leadership of the new importer, the new Tipo will be offered hatchback and jeans, of which we tested the latter.

There is something nice and casual about the overall feel in Tipo, as the car looks uncomplicatedly youthful, even though the model age is already starting to be. Perhaps the trick is that Fiat is not trying too hard, but is an Italian product that honestly appeals to emotions.

The cab is practical and functional. However, the thigh support for the front seats may be short for many.­

The larger available medium digital display is seven-inch. Some LEDs should be larger.­

Inside, there is the same unexpected atmosphere of a basic car. There is enough space in the front, and even in the back you can seat adults to travel even longer distances without worries. The back doors open really wide, almost directly into the corner – a great feature for families with small children. The usability of the rear seat is good for car seats and everyday rotation, for example.

The touch screen is seven inches. The interface doesn’t look like the latest shout, but it does its job anyway.­

The seat part of the front seats should be longer or the thigh support should be adjustable. There is no seat height adjustment on the side of the auxiliary driver. The qualitative overall look is still matter-of-fact, but the so-called hard plastic has been used briskly in the doors and dashboard.

Engine, it’s in the car to be a must. Or at least it should be, comes to mind when standing next to idle Tipo – so quiet and civilized is the life of a liter Firefly engine.

Tipo SW’s cargo space (550 liters) is competitive in size and design.­

There are no other options besides the three-cup fluff. Basically, it’s perky with a hundred pollen, but there’s no practical bottom torque. The force only starts to feel appreciable from a speed of 2,000 rpm, which means that the five-speed manual can be stabbed hard. The sixth gear might be in place. The automatic version is expected to be available after the summer.

With the new Tipo, we released long slices on Finnish roads, a total of about 1,200 kilometers. The ride was mostly a good-paced cruise and a three-person load with luggage. The trip also included city and highway driving. Studless winter tires rotate below. The road was slippery.

At these settings, consumption was set at 6.1 liters per hundred, with an average speed of 66 km / h. The result is well in line with the official reading, and in the summer, Tipo is sure to get low consumption readings that start with vitos.

The rear seat typically has compact spaces for a compact car.­

The tipo is pleasantly quiet up to a speed of 80 km / h, and its internal driving noise is not owl at all, even at the speed of a hundred. Instead, the steering feel is strangely shaky in the middle area, even a little vaguely mumbling. It follows that on direct road sections the direction of travel may be corrected here. It can feel stressful. However, the corner rotation is smooth.

Tipo’s suspension is validly implemented, ie not too loud, but still four adults to be carried with honor. In this respect, the car is a positive surprise: the travel experience is quite a civilized entity in its price range. An adaptive cruise control, which comes standard on all equipment levels except the lowest base level and the test drive Launch Edition, also helps.

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An interesting finding was that the short lane-change flash gives Tipo five flashes, instead of the usual three – not a funnier idea at all. Connectivity has also been taken into account on a decent level, for example, CarPlay on apple phones played matter-of-factly via a fan. Traction work of interest to cart and wagon people: Tipo SW’s traction weights are 500 and 1,500 kilos.

Our bow look is new and the mark cannot be mistaken now.­

Tipo gets good value for money, as the starting price is squeezed to just over 18,000 euros, and the denim basket will not cost more than 600 euros. The car is also becoming an upgraded and frosted version of the Cross, but its price is already rising several thousand higher. The new Tipo will be introduced in Finland in April.

Fiat Tipo 1.0 100 hv MT SW Launch Edition

  • Engine R3, 999 cm³, 74 kW (100 hv)/5 000 r/min, 190 Nm/1 500 r/min

  • Performance 0–100 km / h 12.0 s, top speed 191 km / h

  • Consumption 5,4 l/100 km 95E10

  • CO2 emissions 128 g/km

  • Transmission M5, front wheel drive

  • Dimensions p 4,571, l 1,792, h 1,514 mm, wheelbase 2,638 mm, unladen weight 1,345 kg, load compartment 550 l, tank 50 l

  • Price EUR 21,990

Thank you

Relaxed and uncomplicated overall appearance

Reasonable price

We blamed

Inaccurate center of control

In places, hard plastic interiors

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