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FHM’s request: Postpone proposed relief

The Swedish Public Health Agency, FHM, has previously said that the restrictions regarding audience ceilings at events may be eased from 11 April, provided that the infection situation allows it. But today new news came.

During the morning, FHM has requested that the government postpone the proposed relief until 3 May.

For the Allsvenskan, which starts on April 10, this means that the season can begin in front of empty stands.

Dissatisfied with the dialogue

Mats Enquist, general secretary of Swedish Elite Football, visited SVT’s Morgonstudion before FHM’s announcement. He then said that he was dissatisfied with the dialogue with FHM and that he had to wait for press conferences to get some information.

– We are such a large company that affects so many people, and we have really developed plans, so we should have some kind of dialogue. It has been a whole year since we were shut down now together with other audience events in the cultural sector and I think that the lack of dialogue and this lack of interest in what we could actually achieve, it is regrettable, says Enquist.

He says that football has made plans to be able to receive about 15 percent of the arenas’ spectator capacity.

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– Then we can keep all the protection standards that exist in society today. That is, an extremely limited capacity, but still more than these eight that are said today. If you have an outdoor arena like Friends and put in eight people, then it starts to be almost a kilometer between each chair.

“Should get the chance to show what we are capable of”

Queues at the entrance and kiosk will not be a problem.

– All such will be regulated. We have taken into account all infection control requirements we have received and we have collaborated with international expertise on this. No, the kiosks will not be open, the entrances are separated and there will be slot times for entry and exit, says Enquist.

He believes that football should be allowed to follow similar restrictions that apply to, for example, shopping centers.

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– I think it is a pity that we and the culture do not get the chance to show what we are capable of doing. Because just like workplaces, public transport and shopping centers, we can make solutions that go much further and yet we are completely shut down. It is not OK.

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