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Fewer gin-tonics ordered due to catering closure, British gin exports down | NOW

The United Kingdom exported 572 million British pounds (664 million euros) worth of gin last year, a decrease of almost 15 percent from the previous year. Exports of the spirits to the European Union were a quarter lower in 2020.

This is evident from figures from the British customs authority HMRC on Monday, which various media write about.

According to industry association The Gin Guild, the decline is mainly attributable to the corona crisis and the catering closure that is in effect in many countries. Looking ahead, the organization fears for the effects of the trade agreement with the EU.

“It is clear that the ‘trouble-free’ trade that we have been promised with the agreement is not going to materialize for the time being,” said The Gin Guild director Nicholas Cook.

According to distilleries, the increased popularity of gin is mainly due to the demand from the EU. “The fact that we now face this challenge (logistical problems, ed.) Is cause for concern,” James Hayman of Hayman Gin is quoted by local media.

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“It is to be hoped that we will not look back on 2019 as the pinnacle of the gin renaissance and regret the unnecessary and predictable loss of easy access to this large market,” Cook added.

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