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Few are looking for rehab after covid-19 in Kronoberg

Since last autumn, only seven patients with problems after covid-19 have applied to the rehabilitation clinic in Växjö.

– My experience is that we have not had the same pressure as in other parts of the country when it comes to covid patients, says physiotherapist Hanna Brännström.

Builds muscle

The treatment methods used in rehabilitation after disease in the coronavirus are similar to those used in other disease states. Many covid patients need to build up their muscles, and practice dealing with stress and concentration difficulties.

The big difference for physiotherapists is that they now need to rehabilitate patients with an ongoing infection.

– It is clearly a new patient group, says Hanna Brännström.

Be ready for more

Therese Silvander Ahlrik is operations manager for the clinic and thinks it can be difficult to know when to apply for rehab help. Neither inpatient care nor day care in Växjö has received more patients, despite the fact that it has been a strained situation for healthcare during the pandemic.

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– We thought that there would be a greater flow of patients who needed rehabilitation, but this has not happened. We were ready for more patients, says Therese Silvander Ahlrik.

In the clip, you hear more about the rehabilitation and how long it can take

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