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Femen activists boycott a Francoist act in memory of the takeover of Madrid by the dictator

Femen activists boycott an event.

Franco supporters and Femen activists clashed this Sunday in an act called by the first in memory of the taking of Madrid by the dictator Francisco Franco in 1939, an act allowed by the Government Delegation in Madrid.

The event for the ‘Victory Day in the LXXXII Liberation Anniversary of Madrid’, organized in the Arc de Triomphe of the capital located in Moncloa, has appeared a group of women with naked torso in which you could read messages such as’ To fascism neither honor nor glory ‘.

Members of the National Police have separated these women who had placed themselves in the center of the concentration, while the congregation gave them fascist salutes and shouted insults. like ‘bitches’, ‘whores’, ‘Sluts, who pays you?’, Or they were ordered to return “to the brothel.” Agents have identified the activists.

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Thus, the act has continued and in a tribune with a lectern decorated with a banner with the face of the dictator, several people flanked by flags have intervened. with the double-headed eagle, Carlists and Falangists.

“When the foundations of Western civilization are shaking and in the face of the miserable spirit of the returning horde, victory has not only to be evidenced but dialectically defended by a free and proud civil society”, harangued one of the speakers, who has definite Franco’s coup as “the only solution” to a situation of “immense gravity”, in reference to the Second Republic.

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