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Home Business February tax revenues in the province of Castelln already exceed pre-crisis levels
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February tax revenues in the province of Castelln already exceed pre-crisis levels

The director of the Valencian Tax Agency highlights that the province of Castelln shows a better evolution than the whole of the Community

Sonia Daz, director of the Valencian Tax Agency.

Revenues from ceded taxes, dependent on the Valencian Tax Agency, have registered in the province of Castelln at the end of February 2021 levels higher than those of February 2020, which reveals that a significant reactivation of activity is taking place in the province, as confirmed by the director of the Valencian Tax Agency (ATV), Sonia Daz.

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From prudence we can dare to say that the province of Castelln is already facing the path of economic recovery, a trend that will foreseeably continue in the coming months, the head of the ATV has assured.

In February 2021, the total revenue recorded in Castelln was 23,133,380 euros, while in February 2020 they amounted to 22,386,250 euros, which means that in just one year the revenue has increased by 747,130 euros, a 3.34%. Regarding the recognized rights, in 2020 they stood at 24,526,520 euros, a figure that increased to 25,185070 euros in 2021. The recognized rights also evolve positively and grow in year-on-year terms by 658,530 euros, 2.68% in the province, Sonia Daz pointed out.

Attending to the evolution by chapters, the director of the ATV has emphasized that the income in the inheritance tax falls, as well as in the taxes on the game. But this fall is offset by increases in income from the rest of the chapters, especially indirect taxes. (Patrimonial Transmissions, Documented Legal Acts and Corporate Operations), Sonia Daz has emphasized.

Thus, we see how the largest fall that occurs in absolute terms (-802.55 million) occurs in the Inheritance tax with -19.52%. Next, the second largest decrease is that affecting taxes on gambling, which together fell by 627.81 million, representing -26.47%. The main falls at stake are those referred to the rate on arcade machines (-533.97 million) a decrease of 24.35% and to the rate on bingo, whose income decreased by 66.27 million (a -5 3.81 %).

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For its part, the largest increase was in the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions, whose income grew by 1,454,510 euros (11.79%), in Documented Legal Acts (654,650 euros more), 20.24%, and in Donations (51,000 euros, 17.35%).

While In the whole of the Valencian Community, the revenues recorded in 2021 are close to those registered in 2020, in the province of Castelln we have already passed that barrier and the figures in 2021 are better, which shows that Castelln is at the forefront of the economic recovery that the Valencian Community is beginning to experience, said Daz.

In the Valencian Community, the revenues collected in 2020 stood at 234.13 million euros, while in 2021 they were 207.30 million.

Sonia Daz has explained that In the coming months there may be a new increase in the recognized rights since a reactivation of the real estate market is beginning to be observed, both for first and second homes; A slight increase in resources from inheritances has been noticed and the collection related to gambling begins to be mobilized with the reopening of its activity. If we add to this the direct action of the ATV through the actions to combat tax fraud stipulated in our recent 2021 Tax Control Plan and the strategic objectives set in the 2021 Annual Action Plan, it is possible that in the coming months the figures of tax revenues in the province of Castelln are even better, has concluded the director of the Valencian Tax Agency (ATV), Sonia Daz.

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