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Fatima Al-Nuaimi wins the second place in the “Young Scientists” award – localities – other

An oasis of talented people

The discovery of talented people is not an easy thing at all, but it is necessary and inevitable in light of a global pandemic that revealed that the coming wars will be on the minds, so we highlight in this page the most promising talents sponsored by the Emirates Gifted Association, so that it may help in discovering and caring for them, and providing the necessary incubators for them.

The Emirati student, winner of the second place at the national level of the Emirates Award for Young Scientists, Fatima Salem Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, did not lose her passion for science, despite going through many turns during her educational career, most notably her studies of three different university specialties, until she settled in the Emirates University to study chemistry, that specialization that I was surprised at it.

Fatima Al-Nuaimi confirmed to Emirates Today that her experience is rich in details and useful lessons for the talented and talented. She entered school at a younger age than her peers, spent additional years in education, and went through a crossroads more than once to make a decision to specialize, and she always found support from her parents. .

Fatima said that she joined the elementary stage at the age of three, as she was younger than her brothers and peers, and the school accepted her as a listener only, and she monopolized the first place throughout that stage, noting that she owed credit to the fifth-grade mathematics school, as the latter discovered her talent in mathematics and began her training to compete in The educational Olympiad, and won the first place at the regional and state level, became more passionate about exercises, issues and tests, and doubled her capabilities.

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She added that in the middle school she initiated the question about competitions and competitions, confirming that she was finding herself in the competitions, and she felt that there was an impetus for diligence, excellence and appreciation by the school and those around it, and she found an opportunity to participate in most subjects, not just mathematics, and she also got second place in her studies during middle School.

Al-Nuaimi explained that the study became more specialized during the secondary stage, and the science subject branched out, and her passion for chemistry increased, then she participated in the Chemistry Olympiad competitions at the state level through the Emirates Award for Young Scientists, and she won the second place at the state level.

She emphasized that achieving this position was the best in her educational career, especially since the state’s appreciation for her and her fellow winners was fictional, as she said, as they traveled on a mission for a whole week at the expense of the state to the US Space Agency (NASA), and they watched this wonderful world closely They met astronauts and scientists, which left a deep impression on herself, and established her the value of science and the importance of excellence.

Al-Nuaimi said that her career, which is full of competitions, competitions, and material, moral and moral rewards during the basic school stages, stopped suddenly after the end of secondary school, as the matter was completely different at the university stage, so there were no longer competitions or competitions in which to participate, despite her intense thirst for that. She registered in one of the competitions, and she could not, due to the lack of her specialization, so she changed her specialization, and participated again, and she was surprised that she exceeded the specified age, indicating that she did not find a justification to put an end to the competition in science, and she did not find anyone to turn to in this direction in the end.

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And she revealed that she was standing in front of an important crossroads after the end of high school. What are you studying? And she automatically resorted to her older brothers, who had graduated from the College of Engineering, who advised her to enroll in the same college in light of the labor market’s need for these specializations, and she actually enrolled in the college and spent a full academic year studying engineering, but she did not find herself, and she felt that she was losing her scientific passion.

She reported that she changed her course completely to the College of Technology to study the major of Education in the English language, and she spent about three years in the college, but she did not feel comfortable, despite the length of time spent and the approaching stage of her graduation, so she decided to change her educational path again, and she turned to the source of her first passion, which is to study chemistry at the University The Emirates, stressing that it feels comfortable now, loves to work with its hand in laboratories, and enjoys the equations and experiments.

Al-Nuaimi explained that she is in the last academic year, and stands at another crossroads, as she feels some confusion, between pursuing graduate studies in the same field, or looking for an opportunity to study abroad, or a job.

She indicated that she loves the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of medicinal herbs, and she was trained at the Zayed Center for Herbal Research in Abu Dhabi, and she loved her experience there, and she hopes to find an opportunity in this field to develop and fulfill her hopes in her specialization.

Al-Nuaimi is among the top 5 students in intelligence

Fatima Al-Nuaimi said that she received a phone call from the Abilities Center to participate in one of the competitions, and she did not know that they were intelligence tests, and the number of participants reached nearly 200 students, and she was chosen from among the first five students to achieve the best IQs.

• Al-Nuaimi entered school at a younger age than her peers, and spent additional years teaching.

Fatima Al-Nuaimi … a journey full of competitions and rewards.

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