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Fatima Al-Mughni: Emirati traditions did not deny women their effectiveness in society – our lives – bodies

The social researcher and expert in folklore, Fatima Al-Mughni, presented a package of ideas to reconstruct the perception about the role of women within the family in light of her reading of the customs and traditions in the Emirati society, and stressed that the inclusion of the traditions of “Sunna” (habits) as a subject for education within the school curriculum does not substitute the practice of those traditions. In daily life, to assimilate its impact in strengthening the cohesion of society and cultivating intimacy among families, and its primary role in protecting identity and local peculiarities of positive human depth.

This came during a dialogue session held in the corner of the academic program in Heritage Square in the heart of Sharjah, within the activities of “Sharjah Heritage Days 18”, moderated by the Deputy Academic Director of the Sharjah Heritage Institute, Dr. Basma Walid Kashmoula, where the singer discussed some forms of customs and traditions in the United Arab Emirates And, through her personal experience in educational attainment and her enrollment in various career and research work, she saw that her career was fully supported by the grandfather, father, and then husband, which made her look with a balanced view of what some consider to be an anti-binary between the sexes, as she believes that this view is contrived.

The researcher opposed the assumption of a sharp contrasting relationship between a man and a woman, and said: “A woman’s aspiration for self-realization should remain far from the negative impact on the unity of the family and its pivotal role in the proper upbringing of children, and everything that protects family happiness, in a way that enables members of society to define noble goals. For the concept of self-realization, without the individual, whether a man or a woman, deluded that his realization of himself is based on a clash with the family or abandoning it.

In response to a question about her research projects, the singer referred to the details of her journey in the Emirati folklore, and to her experience as a trainer in the field of learning customs and traditions in the “Emirati San’a Program”. She explained many rituals of welcoming the guest and respecting the eldest, and the priority of the right-hand in all welcoming rituals. Through customs prevalent in the rituals of engagement and marriage in different Emirati environments, customs of receiving the newborn, and the old fear of envy for male newborns, which was what pushed families in the past to hide the gender of the newborn in its first months.

The researcher expressed her regret for the loss of Sharjah society, in particular, of some ancient traditional crafts, as a result of the social transformations that prompted the families of artisans to abandon many traditional professions, including goldsmithing, patchwork and boat making, and recommended the launch of training workshops to revive the crafts that have ceased to exist.

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The museum is in the house

Researcher Fatima Al-Mughni established a museum in her home that includes her heritage holdings. She was a member of the Sharjah Advisory Council between 2004 and 2007, and she has many researches in folklore. She also assumed the presidency of the Sharjah Businesswomen Council between 2007 and 2009, and worked as Assistant Secretary General of the «Arab Society. For administrative, social and psychological development »in Egypt, and she won many prizes.

Women’s aspiration for self-realization should remain far from negatively affecting the family unit.

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