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Faster prosecution in case of crime – used in Kronoberg since the turn of the year

In Nybro police district, they work with municipalities in both Kronoberg and Kalmar counties and there the police have used that method and prosecuted 20 people since the turn of the year.

Anna Rundström Holm is group manager at the police in Nybro, and she believes that this way of working has accelerated the entire process when it comes to the time from the time a crime has been committed, until the person in question has been prosecuted.

– The fastest thing we have had is that a verdict has been handed down after eight days, so it will have a good effect.

– The purpose of this is that there will be stricter penalties for repeated crimes and it will be a faster sentence because the verdict comes earlier, so hopefully we will see a difference through this method, says Anna Rundström Holm.

Is about simple matters

So far, the method is only applied in Kronoberg County, but from the turn of the year, the method will also be applied in Kalmar County.

– These are simple cases, illegal driving, drunk driving, petty theft and such cases that can be investigated quickly, says Anna Rundström Holm.

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– Then it is a matter of there being a maximum of three years in the penalty scale, the perpetrator must remain in place and be at least 18 years old.

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