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Fahlin on the Olympic chance: “Hopeful I should get a ticket”

Despite tough weather conditions with a lot of crosswind, Emilia Fahlin was in the lead when the World Tour race Gent-Wevelgem was to be decided. After a sprint deal, it was a sixth place for the Swede who on the whole is satisfied.

– To be able to finish with a sixth place in the sprint was more than I thought when I went in for the day, says Fahlin to SVT Sport.

– Then there is always this when you cross the finish line and you immediately start to analyze what could I have done even better? How could I have got a podium place? It was not far away. It was my absolute finest result in a spring classic. I have to take it with me as proof that the shape is very nice.

Believe in the Olympic ticket

Afterwards, the chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK), Anders Wiggerud, said that the effort means that Fahlin is in a very good position for the Swedish Olympic competition.

– I have probably hoped that my shares were quite good even before this weekend’s competition. I myself have qualified this place for a couple of years now and have proven time and time again and year after year that I can deliver top eight results at World Tour level.

– I am hopeful that I should get an Olympic ticket now.

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Like the Swedish Athletics Association, Fahlin thinks that SOK’s requirements, that the athletes must have shown that they can compete for a top eight position, are too harsh.

– I have teammates from many other countries and there it is the case that if you have qualified for a place, it is obvious that you go. There are very few countries that have such strict requirements that you must also prove that you are in the top eight.

“Smaller sports need the Olympics”

Fahlin also believes that the Olympics are an important stage for the smaller sports, such as cycling.

– We need the Olympics. We need this platform to be able to build bicycles, for example. How can we grow in Sweden if we are not seen on the absolute highest and best platform for all young people who sit at home and watch sports when the Olympics go, and see that you can come to the Olympics as a Swede in this sport as well?

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Just a few weeks ago, running star Mo Farah criticized SOK’s tough demands. In an interview with SVT Sport said operations manager Peter Reinebo that the requirements apply to all sports and therefore must ensure justice.

– The international qualifiers look very different in different sports. So a top eight level that we have ensures that the sports level in the Olympic team is approximately equal. It is a weighted assessment.

CLIP: The stars criticize SOK’s marathon limits: “Crazy” (March 15)

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Mo Farah criticizes SOK’s tough demands on marathon runners. Photo: TT / Bildbyrån.

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