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Faced with the epidemic, Marine Le Pen wants to “close schools” and “bring the holidays forward”

Marine Le Pen, president of the National Gathering, guest of franceinfo on Tuesday March 30, 2021 (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

“I think the schools should be closed” to cope with the circulation of the Covid-19, said Tuesday, March 30 on franceinfo Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Rally (RN). “We must lengthen, bring the holidays forward”, adds Marine Le Pen. She wants to be created “a form of crawl space in the territories where the virus circulates”. The president of the RN is in favor of “territorialized measures”, what she says, according to her, “from the start. I managed to convince the government of this”, because, at the beginning, “everyone was subject to the same gauge.”

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Marine Le Pen asks for “loosen the screw in the departments where traffic” virus “attenuates”, while the government “only knows how to tighten the screw one way and never loosen it”. According to her, “There is a whole series of departments in France in which the virus circulates very little and which continue to undergo a curfew, while nothing justifies closed restaurants, closed theaters, closed cinemas.”

The boss of the RN insists that she is tired of hearing that “it is blazing on all sides”. “What’s the goal? To scare people?”, asks Marine Le Pen. She claims that there is “No more risk in opening theaters with the wearing of a mask and safe distances between spectators than there is, of course, in taking the bus, taking the plane or the metro.”

You have to have a lucid, pragmatic and precise analysis of the situation. There are places in which it does not flare up.

Marine Le Pen

to franceinfo

Marine Le Pen denounces more generally “the canards” government and Emmanuel Macron. “From the start, I have the feeling that the President of the Republic has no vision. He had no ammunition in the war he waged. We did not have a mask, we did not has not had a test, we have no vaccine. On the other hand, we have had stories. The least we can say is that stories, we have had a lot for 12 months and we have the feeling that it continues. Which is eminently unpleasant. “

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