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Home World Faced with the deterioration of the situation, will Emmanuel Macron speak?
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Faced with the deterioration of the situation, will Emmanuel Macron speak?


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The epidemic situation is deteriorating in France. The president, Emmanuel Macron, could speak quickly, and give prospects to the French.

Emmanuel Macron could soon speak. “The situation is once again very difficult, and everyone in government defends positions according to their portfolio, indique the journalist France Télévisions Anne Bourse, in duplex from the Elysee, Tuesday March 30. Earlier, an adviser noted that the parameters lean more and more towards the sanitary. “ New restrictive measures “will probably be taken tomorrow morning, in defense council”, adds the journalist.

Emmanuel Macron’s speech will therefore be decided at the end of the defense council. “At this stage, nothing is decided”, explains Anne Bourse. “A quick or longer-term speech, someone close to the president believes that in the immediate future, it is rather up to the Prime Minister to speak”, adds the journalist, before recalling that “as always, the president takes his decisions at the last minute”. If Emmanuel Macron decides to speak, he should “give perspectives” and “project the French towards mass vaccination”, concludes Anne Bourse.

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