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Facebook revealed a cyber attack against Uighurs – Security

The attack against the Uighurs used several channels to infect their victims with malware.

Facebook says it has revealed A cyber-attack from China against Uighurs living abroad. The Uighurs are a group of people whose oppression and even genocide has long been blamed on China.

According to the community service, the attack was backed by a group of hackers known as Earth Empusa or Evil Eye, who targeted activists, journalists and dissidents in Turkey, Kazakhstan, the United States, Syria, Australia and Canada, among others.

The goal of the hackers was to identify their targets and infect their devices with malware for spying.

– On our platform, this cyber espionage campaign appeared mainly as malicious links to dangerous websites instead of being distributed directly, Facebook Mike Dvilyanski and Nathaniel like write.

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The attackers contaminated genuine news sites and set up their own to attract victims. Malware was entered into the iPhones if the item met certain criteria such as IP address, operating system, country, and language.

Attempts were also made to trick Android users with fake app stores that offered Uighur-themed apps.

Hackers seek to increase trust in the links they share by pretending to be Uighurs on Facebook by creating false profiles.

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Facebook prevented attackers from sharing links to malicious sites, deleted the attackers’ accounts, and reported the matter to people believed to have been targeted by the attackers.

Facebook does not directly say that this was a Chinese state-sponsored operation. However, the attack had the hallmarks of a well-resourced and ongoing operation, and hackers sought to hide their origins.

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Facebook uses the word Disrupt to describe its actions against this campaign. The word mainly turns into harassment. In other words, Facebook may not believe it has managed to stop the attack altogether.

Somejätti says he shared his findings with other players in the industry so they can identify and stop the activity.

Twist from election disturbance

Facebook spoke out against its actions against Chinese hackers at a time when the community service is being blamed for failure on the other front. Influencer group Openz said Facebook missed billions in opportunities to prevent the spread of false information ahead of last fall’s presidential election.

News about the matter, among other things Engadget. According to the report, the 100 most popular and repeatedly false information pages on Facebook were viewed more than ten billion times in March-October last year.

Facebook denies the allegations and describes the investigation as flawed.

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