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F1 sound Niki Juusela anticipates the beginning of the season – sees Bottas as the site of the blow – Formula 1

Niki Juusela believes that in the beginning season Mercedes can fall from his throne.

F1 season 2021 will start this weekend in Bahrain. Based on winter tests run on the same Sakhir track, the start of the season is expected in teasing moods.

Will the jubilee march of Mercedes, who has taken seven consecutive drivers and manufacturers’ championships, finally break? In tests in Bahrain, Mercedes suffered from, among other things, gearbox problems.

The same is reflected in the blue and white sound of the formulas, the narrator Niki Juusela.

– In the big picture, the starting points are more enigmatic than maybe ever. Based on the tests, it’s really hard to say about the power ratios, especially for the top stables. The stables have had a headache with the decline of downforce and Ferrari’s power source is a big mystery, Juusela ponders.

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The narrator ‘s intuition says that Red Bull and Max Verstappen, 23, will be able to seriously challenge Mercedes this season. Already Sports magazine In the F1 advance, Juusela threw the brave Veikkaus: “a new reign begins this year”.

At the beginning of last season, Mercedes was clearly faster than Red Bull, but the level difference narrowed sharply as the season progressed.

– I say that this year the World Cup will go to the limestone. And now that I said that, of course, Mercedes will take eight double wins in the tube at the start of the season. But it must be believed in change, Juusela laughs.

Niki Juusela begins his fifth term as an F1 commentator.­

Valtteri Bottas, 31, did not stay with his teammate who irresistibly rolled for the seventh championship of his career last season Lewis Hamilton, 36, perched.

The F1 commentator on MTV and C More sees that there is even the possibility of Bottas in the technical problems of Mercedes.

– Bottas may be better off than before if Mersu has concerns. Hamilton is in his discomfort range if there are a lot of variables. In long stints, Bottas has previously missed Hamilton, but this can reverse the setup when the amount of grip is lower. Now if there is ever a place to strike, Juusela says.

Last season, Bottas won two races and drove to the podium a total of 11 times. Hamilton’s readings were 11 wins, 14 podiums.

Niki Juusela believes in Red Bull’s ability to challenge Mercedes. Pictured are Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen (left) and Sergio Perez, who drove at Racing Point last season.­

Alfa Romeo’s Finnish congregation Kimi Räikkönen, 41, the pace is largely dependent on the performance of the Ferrari powerplant. Last season, Räikkönen only reached two places, ie to the top ten.

– 5-6 points is a good goal for Kim. It won’t be easy either, because there is a really tough fight in the middle caste with AlphaTaur and Alpine, for example, Juusela predicts.

One definitely an interesting factor for the season is the number of driver changes. Among them, Juusela highlights, among other things Sebastian Vettelin (From Ferrari to Aston Martin), Daniel Ricciardon (From Renault to McLaren) and Sergio Perezin (From Racing Point to Red Bull).

Fernando Alonso returns to the F1 tracks after a break of a couple of years. He drives from Renault to Alpine in the stable that changed his name.­

And we must not forget to turn 40 in the summer Fernando Alonson return to the F1 circus at the wheel of the Alpine.

– Alonso’s return is absolutely awesome! Some guess he’s flopping badly, but I think he’s still the best driver in the series, Juusela glows.

In addition Juusela praises AlphaTaur’s Japanese newcomer Yuki Tsunodaa, 20, which is the first driver of the series born in the 21st century.

– Tsunoda flickers, especially in time. The pace of the race is still a mystery, but it won’t come off the bush if he ever wedges into the 6-7 fastest in time.

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