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F1 Judgment: Bahrain GP – Formula 1

The F1 series misses the victory and championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, as seen in Bahrain.

F1 season spun up on Sunday in Bahrain.

Lewis Hamilton drove to victory after a tough fight before Max Verstappenia.

The IS jury will go through the most significant events of the first race of the season in their personal style.

This time, there are journalists on the panel Tommi Koivunen, Janne Oivio and Rami Tuisku.

Tommi Koivunen

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Pace: Top two of course, but also Charles Leclerciä suitable for annealing. Whipped the Ferrari square. Dropped in the race, as so many times last season, when overtaking like a time trial is not possible in race conditions. At the start, he even passed the Mercedes Valtteri Bottas. The sixth place was also a great performance.

Talk: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappenin the battle for victory and championship between is exactly what the series needs. Anyway, there was a lot of good in the opening race: the pack after the top cars was as smooth as desired. After the Mersu and Red Bulls, we will certainly see a really tight twist on investments. It is a pity that the difference between these stables and the rest of the crowd is still so huge.

Moka: Nikita Mazepinista has said everything possible over the weekend, so let’s highlight it Sebastian Vettel. I believed the German would leave the season reborn, but the weekend was quite shocking to him. Everything was crowned Esteban Oconin chasing and downright ridiculous radio comment that the Frenchman had changed his line.

Scalp: The situation is practically irrelevant to the result of the race and even bypassing with the help of drs is boring, but: when Kimi Raikkonen passed Fernando Alonson at the end of the main straight, became a great feeling. Legends who debuted in the series 20 years ago are still driving! Räikkönen was 11th at the finish, Alonso, who drove well in time and at the beginning of the race, had to be sadly suspended.

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Surprise: Of course, AlphaTauri already seemed to be in good shape based on the tests, but the performance still came as a small surprise. Of course, the score table only came Yuki Tsunodan two surfaces, but a Japanese newcomer and Pierre Gasly may surprisingly often be driving from positions in the top spruce. Gasly’s race was sadly ruined in the 1st round.

Janne Oivio

Pace: Pulled from the freezer Sergio Perez. The race started with a disaster as the car froze for a warm-up lap. The Mexican’s driving started from the depot, but Perez whipped his drive in fifth. Perez seems to have quickly embraced the secrets of Red Bull. Verstappen finally has the right teammate, not just a bowling alley.

Talk: Incoming drivers. Yuki Tsunoda rose magnificently to ninth and left e.g. both Aston Martins behind. He showed his skills. Instead, the Haas crash brothers Mick Schumacher and Mazepin left a faint image of themselves. Haas’ car is lousy, but the race showed that Schumi 2 also has work to do.

Moka: Netflixin Drive To Survive said necessary. Haas boss Günther Steiner praised when asked about Schumacher’s driving skills, but in the case of Mazepin, there was only talk of sponsor money. Dad pays, son drives. I would do the same if the fairy were loose. Is it still the fault of the Russian farce driver but the one who gave this guy a super license?

Scalp: McLaren took the first set of the “best of the rest” in the race. Lando Norris drove a great race and was fourth, Daniel Ricciardo seventh. Ferrari, Alpha Tauri, Aston Martin and Alpine seem to be lagging behind – but so are McLaren’s two big ones. Where did Alpha Taur’s performance disappear after a great time trial?

Surprise: 007 and permission to rest. Aston Martin exploded through the doors James Bondin on the wing, but the performance is closer to Bond’s accountant than to the agent himself. Low-slope cars Aston and Mercedes are the losers of the rule reforms. It was visible at the top of the race and and in the middle caste. The copy suffers more than the original.

Rami Tuisku

Pace: At the opening of the new season, it would be nice to pull a rabbit out of a hat and star a surprise name. But when not. By the way, Hamilton showed in Bahrain how to win the F1 race, even though Verstappen seriously challenged the British until the final round.

Talk: The strong momentum of Verstappen and Red Bull promises good for the F1 season. The Dutchman took the pole position on Saturday and would even go to the top spot at the end of the race on Sunday. The opening win of the season was ultimately a dream come true, as Verstappen had to let Hamilton on further as he crossed the track boundary in his overtaking.

Moka: Nicknamed “off-track fools” for his off-track fooling around, Nikita Mazepin’s F1 debut ended in disaster. The son of a Russian billionaire slipped his car into the railings after driving the race for ten seconds. I guess Nikita’s boy can’t help but grieve in the wrong series now.

Scalp: The race in Bahrain started yesterday at 6 pm Finnish time. Starting in 2018, the race had started 10 minutes over an hour, as Liberty Media, which owns the rights to the F1 series, thought it was a better time for TV broadcasts. Fortunately, common sense finally took the victory in this struggle for market forces.

Surprise: Stroll defeated his new teammate Vettel by a fair margin. The performance of the German ex-master was literally inconsolable. The momentum was missing, the tactics went wrong and the misery was crowned by the crash behind Ocon’s car. Would it be time to retire soon?

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