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Expert fierce prediction: Patrik Laine could get an annual salary of up to $ 10 million. – NHL

Despite the weak period, Patrik Laine’s camp has its strengths in contract negotiations, according to the expert.

If for anyone It is still unclear to be told that a hockey player Patrik Laineella is going a slightly drier than average season.

Laine, who has become one of the most feared scorers in the series in his four NHL seasons, has scored one (1) goal in thirteen matches over the past month. The point account has also gained weight with two input points. This is an unprecedentedly weak period in his NHL career.

After Laine traded in January after just one round from the Winnipeg Jets to the Columbus Blue Jackets, he caught his fairly normal balance of 6 + 4 = 10 in ten matches. Since then, a full-body plaster has struck a Tampere resident.

No wonder Laine’s situation speaks to the team’s supporters. With a specialization in Blue Jackets The Athletic NHL editor of Aaron Portzline promised to answer readers’ questions in the popular Blue Jackets Mailbag in the story format, several questions dealt with Wave.

Patrik Laine has played six matches without scoring. In his 13 matches played in a month, he has waved the net once.­

Wave the current contract expires after this period and he becomes a so-called limited free agent. Despite the weak grips, Portzline promises Laine a rather succulent extension contract.

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– If I were Laine’s agent, I would still be very pleased with the leverage I have at my disposal in the contract negotiations. He has more than 40 goals in the past (44 hits in the 2017-18 season), and the Blue Jackets really don’t want to lose a player who was a corner piece in the Dubois deal, Portzline wrote.

By this, the reporter referred to the January player deal, with Blue Jackets ’summer 2016 number one booking Pierre-Luc Dubois your trip to Winnipeg.

– One can easily assume that Laine will get a contract of more than nine million dollars. And this in a situation where clubs are trying to use a corona pandemic as a way to grate wages down. His paycheck can be as high as eight figures, Portzline shook.

That would mean a seasonal salary of more than $ 10 million. Specializing in the salaries of NHL players Cap Friendly According to the site, Laine’s so-called cap hit this season is $ 6.75 million and its actual annual earnings are $ 7.5 million.

Portzline reviews according to Laine would thus be getting a nice pay rise despite weak grips.

He doubted the parties might end up with a one-year deal, leaving Laine as a limited agent again after a year.

– Let’s remember the facts: so far this has not been a good season for Laine. For next season, the head coach may change and there may be dramatic changes to the lineup. He may well want to look at another season before deciding whether to commit to a long contract. Who could blame him for that, Portzline pointed out.

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