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Exceptionally great video: ballerina swan dance on the ice of the Gulf of Finland mutes – appeals to Putin to block new project – Abroad

As a ballerina at the Mariinsky Theater, she dressed in her Swan Pond costume and danced in the 15-degree frost for her own cry for distress in the Gulf of Finland and swans.

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Of St. Petersburg The Mariinski Theater baller’s stunning rapture for nature in the Gulf of Finland is spreading rapidly on social media.

Ilmira Bagautdinova dressed up in his Swan Pond costume and danced on the shores of the frozen Gulf of Finland from his -15-degree frost without being startled. The site was Patterilahti, or Batareinaja Buhta, near the Sosnovyi Bor nuclear power plant.

It was a ballerina’s own emergency cry for the unique nature of Patterilahti, as the Russian government plans to build a new storage terminal and port in the bay by 2024.

– I hope I never have to dance the dancing swan here, the ballerina wrote Facebookon his website, where he put several video clips and photos of his capture.

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The new port and terminal are planned to serve one of Russia’s largest edible oil producers. Sodruzhestvowhich uses soybeans, oilseed rape, oilseed rape and flax as raw materials.

Idean to dance ballerina says she got after seeing Change.orgon behalf of the Patterilahti name collection project.

Launched by Russian nature conservation activists in the project appealed to the President Vladimir Putin, so that this would prevent the construction of a new port on Patterilahti.

Patterilahti and the beach to the east of Lepäes are known as nesting and resting places for numerous rare birds. Familiar sights on the beach are also swans, so Swan pond dance and music were therefore a natural choice for Bagautdinova’s emergency cry.

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(The video below shows the ballerina dancing and her interview is subtitled in English.)

BBC:n in an interview, Bagautdinova says she is glad that her abduction has already received a lot of attention. In his own words, he has not practiced any nature activism before, but the concern of the local people prompted him to record his own swan dance for the nature of the bay.

The video shows a ballerina dancing amidst ice and snow. In the background, untouched nature flashes in places, but the beach also shows old and clearly already abandoned pier structures.

Rusted and warped pier structures are memories of the Soviet era, when Patterilahti was a closed and top-secret military area. The pier was used to refuel a diesel-powered submarine developed by the Soviet Union.

The submarine was known in the Soviet Union codenamed A615. According to Russian sources, several fuel-related accidents occurred during the development and operation of the submarine, which is why it was also referred to as a cigarette lighter. zazhigalka-mark.

(The video below shows the nature of Patterilahti and the fine sandy beach, among other aerial photos.)

Patterilahdesta The beach area facing St. Petersburg is still partly a nature reserve, but it is Patterilahti that has already been squeezed out of conservation use as a rental area for the new port.

According to local activists, this is a rare beautiful and fine sandy beach, the preservation of which would be important not only for nature and animals but also for the people of St. Petersburg. The crescent-shaped bay is currently popular with surfers, for example, and many St. Petersburgers go there for swimming, camping and fishing.

Prior to this, the Surgutneftegas oil port was already planned for Patterilahti, which was to be built in the late 1990s. Even then, the port project aroused much opposition and was abandoned. All that remains is the foundation stone, according to which a port would have been erected in 1997.

The next attempt to build the port took place in 2011, when there was also talk of building an oil port. The latest grain and plant terminal project, on the other hand, came to light last summer.

New The investor in the oil plant terminal and port is Baltiiskij zernovoi Soyuz, which is part of the Sodruzhestvo cluster.

The production plant for edible oils produced by Sodruzhestvo is located in the Kaliningrad region, ie geographically separate from the mother Russia. The company has justified the need for a new port, among other things, by political risk, as it currently transports a large part of its raw materials to its plant by rail through the Baltic countries.

RBKAccording to the economic newspaper, the authorities of the Leningrad region have already demanded new additional information from the developers of the grain port about the preservation of the natural values ​​of the area. Construction work on the port has therefore not yet begun, but the project is still pending.

Joutsenten the theme has been on the surface last winter in St. Petersburg anyway, as recently, eight mute swans were seen on the Nevajoki River right in the city center.

Local bird watcher Pavel Glazkov said a similar sight had not been seen, at least during his acquaintances’ 25-year bird hobby.

Glazkov also posted a video of the swans on YouTube (see above). At the beginning and end of the video you will see a fresh picture of mute swans in the center of St. Petersburg.

According to Glazkov, swans normally thrive in the summer near the new dam in St. Petersburg near Kronstadt, but in recent years some of the swans have even stayed to winter in the area.

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