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EviCypher, the French invention to fight cyberattacks

EXCLUSIVEIt is the first individual encryption, like a safe, which slips into the pocket. EviCypher is a French invention to communicate without being cyber attacked. This mode of communication, which has just won a gold medal at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions, is elusive, untraceable, anonymous and completely secure. Intended for governments, embassies, secret services, hospitals but also the army and so-called “sensitive” companies, it will be marketed around 1,000 euros.

Two cards in bank card format

The system is very simple: all you need is a phone, an application and two cards, in bank card format, which are therefore called EviCypher. When you write a message, all you have to do is pass your card behind the phone, where the NFC antenna is located (the one that allows “contactless”) and it encrypts, immediately and without contact, your text, your photos or your videos. Then you send the message through whatever channel you are used to using: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or mail.

Your correspondent, once the message has been received, passes his card in the same way, which has the same encryption key as yours, to read it. Otherwise, the message remains encrypted and therefore inaccessible. And this is the goal of its inventor, Jacques Gascuel, who wants to break cyber attacks while remaining out of reach of cybercriminals. If the latter “do not have access to digital technology, they are ‘dead’, that is to say they will no longer be able to attack,” he explains to Europe 1. “From the moment your data is stored on a physical element, which has no battery, is not connected to any server, no database, you are completely untraceable. “

Available for pre-order in early May

In addition, “the data is encrypted upstream, before using digital systems”, notes Jacques Gascuel. “Which means when you’re going to attack me, it’s already too late. And this whole system makes an attack physically impossible.” To further improve the security of EviCypher, you have to choose 12 trust criteria, such as a password, added to a fingerprint, GPS coordinates or facial recognition.

EviCypher is designed to evolve and adapt to existing communication systems such as online or local email services via Thunderbird as well as all instant messaging including SMS and MMS. Unlike messaging systems around the world, messages remain encrypted by default and will be decrypted on demand. The tool should be available in early May 2021 for pre-order.

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