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Everyday chores reveal themselves as a cultural shock in Canada – Maajussi-Roy has to teach bridal candidates how to pour coffee milk – Entertainment

Watch out for plot revelations! Candidates for the bride will travel across the Atlantic to Canada to visit Matthew and Roy, the Mayans. Confusions are not avoided when Finns learn the customs of the country.

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In the latest Maajuss for the bride in the world section Canadians Roy and Matthew receive as guests in their homes each of the three bridal candidates they selected in the previous episode.

Roy to Sault Ste. Heading to the city of Marie, the province of Ontario Kati, Sanna and Terhi. Roy offers women coffee at the airport and gives everyone a red poppy to attach to their chest.

It is a symbol of the Day of Remembrance of the Fallen, and Roy, with a military background, takes the women to watch the celebrations of the Day of Remembrance. Remembrance Day of the Fallen, ie Remembrance dayta will be celebrated in Canada on November 11th. At the same time, it is the end date of the First World War.

– The Day of Remembrance for the Fallen is a bit the same as the Day of Independence. Every year we have a ceremony. It is very important for Canadians to celebrate their military past, Roy explains.

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The women, impressed by the festivities, face their first cultural shock at Roy’s home when the mausussi asks his bridal candidates to take milk from the fridge. Instead of the familiar and safe cans, they are faced with a big plastic bag that they can’t use.

– I haven’t used anything like that, Kati exclaims.

– We need instructions, Terhi says.

However, with Roy’s guidance, the bag will soon be operational and milk coffees will be made.

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– There are always these surprises here sometimes, Kati says.

The massive stove in Matthew’s yard sauna makes the bride’s candidates ’jaws snag.­

Matthew, to Saskatchewan province, is traveling to Matthew Suvi-Tuuli, Jenni and Taru.

Matthew picks up the women from the airport, after which they are faced with a three-hour drive to Matthew’s family farm. Even before the trip begins, Matthew finds himself in a tight spot when the airport parking attendant comes to evict him from the front door.

– Just five minutes. I have guests from Finland, Matthew says and makes the parking attendant relax.

A dilapidated house, currently uninhabitable, awaits the party on the farm. The place is Matthew’s childhood home and he hopes he could build a new house on the site in the future.

Since they can’t stay at Matthew’s house, he takes the bridal candidates to a nearby cottage village. However, they wander around the farms, where you will find, among other things, an outdoor sauna that hits the bridal candidates with a daze. The massive stove in particular makes women gasp for breath.

– A little moped had gotten out of hand. Compared to the size of the sauna, as the heater would probably have heated three or four times the space. It was huge, Jenni says.

– It warms up well, Matthew says modestly.

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