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Europe evening weekend with Wendy Bouchard from 03/27/2021

All the news of the day and the week analyzed and put into perspective by the journalists of the editorial staff of Europe 1, but also the guests.


Jacques Battistoni, general practitioner and president of the MG France doctors’ union.

Nicolas bouzou, economist and author of human health (XO editions).

Frederique Dabi, Deputy Director General of Ifop.

Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet, political communication expert and president of MCBG Conseil.

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Laetitia Krupa, political journalist.

Florence Thune, Managing Director of Sidaction.

Vincent neymon, Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson for the French Bishops’ Conference.

Olivier Savignac, president of the association “Parler et revivre”.

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Christophe Brochot, co-founder of Bougetoncoq, who received the COVID Social Innovation Citizen Action Award for France by the European Economic and Social Council.

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