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Eufemiano Fuentes says he treated Fermn Cacho in Barcelona’92 and sows doubts about Real Madrid


Eufemiano Fuentes, in the program ‘Lo de vole’.Joaqun Carazo RomnTHE SIXTH
In the oral trial of the ‘operation Puerto’, Eufemiano Fuentes, the guru of doping in Spain, walked in the corridors of the 21 Court of Julin Camarillo Street in Madrid with a folder in which a photo of Fermn Cacho, victorious in the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. The doctor, always so sibylline, masterfully handles the staging, as he did this Sunday in ‘Lo de vole’, where he was going to reveal what was never said. His relationships with football teams, the political use of his figure, the pitfalls of Spanish sport. Many gestures, silences that they grant and few new names compared to what is already known. The only one that of Fermn Cacho, whom he treated in a particular way, outside the Spanish Athletics Federation.

If I told everything, it would be very detrimental to Spanish sport. But I can’t count it for professional consistency. I think that some Spanish medalists at the Barcelona Games were doped, I think so, but I can’t prove it, he warned on the program. To Cacho, he said, he administered what was used 30 years ago, such as natural testosterone boosters and plasma expanders. They asked me for privacy, they didn’t want positive results, but they did get results, I stressed. He also declared that Cacho acted as a link between himself Jaime Lissavetzky, Secretary of State for Sports, to treat Spanish athletes. I cheated, like everyone else, he stressed.

“He did blood transfusions with medical criteria, for prophylactic purposes.”

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The doctor maintained that in the “Puerto operation” cycling was used as a scapegoat and other sports, such as soccer, were protected. “I have worked with football teams officially and unofficially. I was required to advise their technicians on recovery matters and charged for it, I could earn 60,000 euros a year,” he explained, to say that he did not work for the Royal Society, although he recognized the veracity of a document that related him to the Basque team doctors. So, in the 2002-03 season, the club was run by Jos Luis Astiazarn.

He spoke of Barcelona, ​​of Real Madrid, spreading a shadow of suspicion, without accusations, feigning, scoring without hitting. Giving importance, claiming, again his minute of glory.

Eufemiano pointed out that since he was 30 years old he has been linked to Spanish sport, but his descent into hell occurred in 2006, when he was arrested by the Civil Guard for an alleged crime against public health. In two floors of Madrid, more than 200 frozen blood bags of athletes were discovered that had been prepared for autotransfusions. The judicial investigation, after several appeals, concluded in 2016, when the Provincial Court of Madrid acquitted the doctor and the rest of the accused of a crime against public health. It did not enter into a sporting aspect, because when the arrest took place, doping was not considered a crime in Spain.

“He did blood transfusions with medical criteria, for prophylactic purposes,” he excused himself in the program of La Sexta

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