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EU Borrell: Myanmar’s army made Saturday a day of ‘horror and shame’ – more than a hundred people killed in protests – Abroad

Josep Borrell, the head of the Union’s external relations, called on military leaders to end the violence.

Leading the EU’s external relations Josep Borrell demanded an end to the Myanmar tragedy the day after another hundred people died on Saturday after security forces tried to quell protests against the ruling military junta.

The Myanmar army celebrated its annual holiday on Saturday, but instead of celebrating, the army made Saturday a “day of horror and shame.”

On Sunday in its bulletin Borrell also said the increase in violence in Myanmar is unacceptable. He also reiterated the EU’s previous disapproval of the actions of the military regime and called on military leaders to end the violence.

President of the United States Joe Biden for its part, called the violence against the protesters shocking.

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“It’s awful,” Biden commented to reporters in a concise statement in his home state of Delaware.

– It is completely shocking, and according to the information I have received, really many people have been killed completely unnecessarily, he continued.

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Josep Borrel in early March in Brussels.­

Unicef: Children and young people at risk

Director of UNICEF, UNICEF Henrietta Foren according to the violent actions of the Myanmar army threaten to have catastrophic consequences for the younger generation in the country.

Fore said on Sunday he was “appalled by the blatant killing” and how the military junta’s security forces have failed to act in moderation or protect children’s safety. He specifically mentioned that children were also killed in the country.

– In addition to the immediate effects of the violence, the long-term consequences of the crisis for the country’s children could be catastrophic, Fore estimates.

According to Fore, the organization of child-critical services has already stalled in Myanmar. Nearly a million children, he says, are currently left without important vaccines and nearly five million are left without the vitamin A supplements they need.

In addition to these, more than 40,000 children do not receive help for severe malnutrition and nearly 12 million children are at risk of being left without education for a long time.

The fact that children do not have access to key services puts – along with many, the economic downturn driving poverty – at risk for a whole generation of children and young people.

Military commanders condemned the actions of the junta

On Sunday, a dozen high-ranking representatives of the armed forces of various countries also condemned the actions of the Myanmar military regime in a joint statement. There were signatories from the United States, Britain and Australia, among others.

The commanders called on the Myanmar army to end the violence and take steps to restore its credibility among Myanmarese people.

The generals in power in Myanmar held a spectacular parade on Saturday in the country’s capital, Naypyidawi. General leading the military junta that rules the country Min Aung Hlaing at the ceremony, defended the army’s February coup again and promised the junta would relinquish power after the new election. However, the timing of the elections has not been announced.

At the same time, the general threatened to crack down on opposing protesters by talking about violent activities that could be detrimental to peace and security in the country and therefore unacceptable.

Protesters were killed again on Sunday

According to the military-run Myawaddy TV channel, only 45 people would have died on Saturday, in addition to which it said 552 people were arrested. According to the channel, the protesters would have used the right weapons and bombs against the security forces.

There were demonstrations and also their repression in more than 40 cities around the country. Most people died in the major cities of Mandalay and Yangon.

Despite the violence on Saturday, protesters took to the streets again on Sunday in part of the country’s largest city, Yangon. There were demonstrations in Yangon, including Hlaing, Monywa and Myingan.

According to state media, two men and two women were killed in Monywa on Sunday. Health sources, meanwhile, say one woman died in Myingan and two were injured.

According to a rescue worker in Hlaing, a 16-year-old boy lost his hand while trying to throw back a grenade with which security forces had thrown protesters.

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