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Ethiopia announces the continuation of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam – Politics – News

Ethiopia announced that it had informed the US envoy to Sudan that it would proceed with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, ahead of the warnings issued by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi against compromising Egypt’s share of the Nile waters.

During a press conference, today, Tuesday, the official spokesman of the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Dina Mufti, said that his country informed the US envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, that Ethiopia will proceed with the process of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam Lake and that it is part of the construction of the dam that it plans.

Following the Ethiopian statements, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that Egypt is gaining new ground every day for the sake of its just cause and its rights in the waters of the Nile, adding: “The issue of water concerns me and all of you, and the issue of negotiation is our choice, which we started with.”

Al-Sisi added, on the sidelines of his visit to the Suez Canal: “We hope to reach a binding legal agreement regarding filling the dam and operating the dam. We do not talk much, but we tell all people that no one can take a point of water from Egypt, and whoever wants to try is tried.”

Al-Sisi continued: “We are not threatening anyone. Our life did not threaten us, and our dialogue is very rational, and very patient, but nobody will take a drop of water from Egypt, otherwise there will be a state of instability in the region, which no one imagines, and no one imagines that he can remain far from our ability.” No, no limit is threatened, and Egypt’s waters are untouchable, and touching them is a red line, and our response will remain in the event of a violation that affects the stability of the entire region. ”

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Al-Sisi indicated that during the next few weeks there will be additional movement in the negotiations regarding the issue of the Ethiopian dam.

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