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Estonia’s shocking scandal swells: new allegations against coach in Finland – police investigate suspected sexual abuse – Football

According to the Estonian Broadcasting Corporation, the police have now also opened an investigation into the scandal that shook the country.

Estonia shakes the scandal that began last week. Today by the name My Belle Trisna a well-known footballer said that he also coached a Brazilian in Finland Getulio Aurelio Fredo had had sex with him.

Trisna, now 27, was 14 at the time. Fredo, meanwhile, is now 66 years old.

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Estonian Broadcasting Corporation ERR said todaythat a police investigation has now been opened into the case, in which Fredo is suspected of sexual abuse.

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Fredo has acknowledged the relationship, but argued it was based on mutual desire and understanding. In Estonia, the protection age for sexual sovereignty is set at 14 years.

Originally The Estonian Football Association (EJL) planned to conduct its own investigation into the case.

However, since Trisna’s revelations, at least two women have emerged who have said they have been exploited by Fredo.

– We are a non-profit association, and if the information we have received indicates possible crimes, it is our job to deliver the material to the police as soon as possible. And we have done it now, said the President of the Estonian Association Anne King.

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“Of course, in the future, the disciplinary actions of our federation and police investigations are two different things: some are based on the law and others on the rules and principles of the Football Association,” Rei added.

Brasilian Born in Porto Alegre, Fredo has Finnish and Brazilian citizenship. He coached in Finland in 1993–2006.

In 2007, Fredo moved to Estonia to join the JK Nömme Kalju club. According to Trisna, the sex relationship began in 2008. Trisna has said that the coach became a creditor to her when her parents divorced when she was 13 years old.

Trisna told about the case last Wednesday on Estonian Channel 2 Ahh!in the program. In the past, Trisna has told her story in a book She Did It And So Can You.

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Estonia football association communications manager Mihkel Uiboleht told ETV that there are several cases.

– We now have more than two cases on the table. I’m not going to say the exact number … but unfortunately we have more than two cases of inappropriate behavior between a coach and his players.

Also Nömme Kalju has become more and more part of the scandal. Fredo has been removed from office by the club, and the chairman of the club Kuno Tehvan according to the club was not aware of Fredo’s inappropriate behavior.

Instead, according to Uibolehti, the communications manager of the Estonian Football Association, there is a suspicion that the club knew at least to some extent about Fredo’s actions.

– In two cases, several people – not just one person – have said that the club knew about the cases, Uiboleht told ETV according to the broadcaster ERR.

Thus, the Estonian Association is also investigating the activities of Nömme Kalju According to Postimees magazine.

– One thing needs to be underlined: we have failed to find out what should have been dealt with 13 years ago. I feel sorry for these girls. Nömme Kalju has not known these things, which now came to light – otherwise we would have acted really hard a long time ago, however, the chairman of Nömmi, Tehva, told Postimees.

Postimees says that Fredo’s actions were requested by the police as early as 2014. However, the magazine does not specify what kind of criminal suspicion it was. At that time, the investigation was interrupted due to lack of evidence.

According to Postimees, the Estonian Football Association was unaware of the 2014 case to this day.

Estonian website Delfi news on Tuesday that Nömme Kalju’s major sponsor, gaming company Paf, has ended its partnership with the club. A year ago, Nömme Kalju and Paf signed a significant agreement that will last until 2023.

– This case is really serious and disgusting and should be investigated by the authorities. The coach’s actions have not been acceptable and do not fit into our society. We have decided to end our sponsorship, Paf said in a statement All Live.

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