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Eritrean troops reportedly assist Ethiopia on border with Sudan

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                New accusations have been launched by the UN against Eritrea and its role in Ethiopia.  In its latest briefing, the UN humanitarian agency OCHA said Eritrean troops were present in the Fashaga Triangle, the disputed border area between Ethiopia and neighboring Sudan.  Facts denied by Asmara.

                                    <p>With our correspondent in Nairobi, <strong>Sébastien Németh</strong>

The UN has just confirmed suspicions that have existed for several weeks. Eritrean troops are said to be around Barkhat to help the Ethiopian army in its border conflict with Sudan. For months, tension has been mounting between Addis Ababa and Khartoum in the Fashaga Triangle, an area claimed by the two neighbors. However, Khartoum conquered the majority of the region and Barkhat would be the last pocket controlled by the Ethiopians.

spurious allegations »For Addis Ababa

Thursday, March 25, Yemane Meskel, the Eritrean Minister of Information denied the presence of Asmara’s troops there, denouncing “ spurious allegations Launched to create divisions with the Sudanese. He described in the same terms the last report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission detailing the massacres committed by Eritrean soldiers during the other ongoing conflict, Tigray. He spoke ” information fabricated to resuscitate TPLF », The former ruling party in Tigray that the Ethiopian army is fighting.

Nevertheless, the revelations follow one another concerning the massacres and the Eritrean role in these various conflicts. So much so that on Tuesday, the Ethiopian Prime Minister had to admit the presence of Asmara’s soldiers in the country and that atrocities had been committed …

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Abiy Ahmed arrived in Eritrea on Thursday. This is his first trip abroad since November 2020. We will see if he and President Isaias Afeworki decide to change their strategy.

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