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Erin’s cramped and small family home was renovated to a whole new faith – now the singer has a getaway she couldn’t even dream of – TV & movies

Singer Erin has no faith in her eyes when she arrives with her mother-in-law and her son in a completely renovated cottage. Experts from the Villa & Huussi program expanded the 20-square-meter canopy to unrecognizable.

Popular Villa & huussi During the 12th production season of the renovation program, several summer places of Finns familiar to the public will be renovated.

The first episode of the season sees how the singer Erin Anttilan and this Sprout-A spouse’s only 20-square-foot cottage is undergoing a complete transformation.

The interior designer is responsible for the changes to the interior Mikko Vesanen and repair coordinator Vilja Schepel got their first job quite a lot when Erin introduced them to a small summer house that had originally belonged to her husband’s family.

This is where we set off.­

The couple bought it a few years ago from Vesa’s parents.

– I didn’t even think I was any cottage person, but the opportunity was made by a thief at the time, and we bought the place when it was going on sale, Erin says in an interview with Tv magazine.

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– The cottage is very dear to Vesa and full of childhood memories, and it would have been difficult to give it up

But even though the property changed owners, it didn’t feel like the ideal summer spot for Erin, Vesa, and their 6- and 8-year-olds.

– It was cramped and small and full of other people’s stuff. We’re both both really unavailable in renovation work, and the idea of ​​a multi-year contract felt heavy, Erin continues.

The biggest change in the cottage was that bedrooms were built on the terrace site.­

– I also can’t make decisions about which board or material to put. If I had started the renovation work myself, it would have taken all the time and energy – and future songs would not have been done.

So a few After years of deliberation, Erin came up with the idea to contact Villa & Hussin, and the rest is history.

The cottage got a whole new look last summer, and the eight-week unexpected renovation was finally fully in line with expectations.

Erin wanted the project to bring more practicality, light, space and safety. In addition, there were hopes that the magnificent lake landscape would be better utilized and the children would have their own space.

This is what the inside of the cottage looked like before the renovation.­

– Practically the whole cottage was renovated. I was confident all the time and I couldn’t even get excited. The experts did find it exciting what we think of the end result, Erin says.

The renovation also meant a big change of attitude for the whole area.

– It became our own cottage in one fell swoop. Until now, it was kind of still the other – now it’s ours, Erin describes the state of being created by the renovation.

The old kitchen was a dark corner.­

The biggest change was that the 20-square-foot cottage turned into a 40-square-foot summer paradise when the outdoor patio was remodeled for residential use.

– Now we have a decent bedroom, a children’s room and a living room / kitchen there, Erin praises.

Bedrooms were built on the site of the old terrace, and the new terrace was positioned entirely on the other side of the cottage in the direction of the lake.

The terrace was built on the lake side.­

The kitchen was moved from a dark corner to the lake front windows. In addition, the cottage was made inside and the room height was raised considerably.

The seat of the main door was also moved and the glass door was changed to a view of the door.

The bottom changed so radically that it is not recognizable as the same cottage.

The overall look of the cottage is cozy and peaceful after the renovation.­

Massive after the renovation, Erin arrived at the cottage to unveil a new look for her mother-in-law Ritvan and his hands Other with. The female trio didn’t get a word out of her mouth when she saw the tremendous change.

– Oh my God! Wonderful! Erin exclaims in the episode when she sees the new living room.

– I don’t realize how we’re even here, Erin laughs in the middle of a changed bottom.

However, one permanent element can be found in the cottage.

The old fireplace got its posture when it was painted black.­

– There is a fireplace built by Vesa’s grandfather, and we definitely wanted to keep it. It was painted black, and it became gorgeous, Erin says.

The best place are, according to Erin, great landscapes that now get their rights even better, as windows were added in the direction of the lake.

– The cottage is on a really beautiful plot on a hillside, and now from the kitchen you can see everywhere in the yard when the kids run outside.

– It’s also great to see other people in the cottage when I’m in the kitchen. Previously, there was no see to the living room.

The kitchen is now bright and spacious.­

The interior was painted light and the furniture was renewed. The interior is, according to Erin’s wishes, “cottage-like, with a modern Scandinavian twist”.

– For example, rag rugs, a beanbag chair made of rag rugs and tin cans painted in neon colors were left in the space as wonderful details. A cottage is not a cottage if there are no rag rugs, Erin says.

The appearance of the house also changed a lot, and the red grandmother’s cottage was conjured into a dark gray summer paradise.

After the renovation Erin has already spent a lot of her own time at the cottage. He has worked there and written new songs on the coronary pandemic after the gigs.

– I really enjoyed the fact that I get to your peace to the cottage. I get to do even all night chores, sleep for days and live in an artist world where there is no need to talk to anyone and there are no stimuli around, Erin thinks.

– It’s wonderful to be there also because there is nothing extra in the place anymore. All the filth is gone, and my state of being is harmonious.

The children’s room is fresh and practical.­

Erin says she wants more simplicity and clarity around her today.

– I imagined that my interior design style is bohemian, but I find that I can’t stand a large amount of stuff. Less is better.

Bringing “Raina” to the cottage is completely forbidden, according to Erin.

– Why are some old things taken away from the cottage, even though there is less space there anyway?

Erin was particularly fond of one particular detail: guests arriving at the cottage have their own drawers designed for everyone to throw in their own travel bags and belongings.

Anna-käly, Ritva-mother-in-law and Erin were not believing their eyes when they came to see the outcome of the transformation work.­

Coming summer is the first to allow the whole family to enjoy the renovation and the actual cottage.

– I have not been able alone to heat the sauna or go for a swim, but I’m focused on work. I am already looking forward to enjoying the summer with the family.

There are opportunities for swimming, sauna, bustling with children, cycling in the surrounding areas and just “being calm”.

– We have a ban on tablets at the cottage, so the children come up with something completely new.

Erin laughs that even though she is now the owner of the cottage, she doesn’t get anything from wilderness and hiking people. The cottage is quite modern equipped.

– I can’t go crazy investing in cooking, for example. All the modern facilities have been acquired for the living room / kitchen, the water comes inside and we have the inside. The part of the wooden sauna is still warm, Erin laughs.

The new interior brings living comfort.­

– I’m so kaupunkilaislapsi as can be, and I do not have a practical kodinhengetär, but I am not afraid of dirt. And I love the forest and nature.

The yard of the cottage was mostly left as it was, ie forest-like.

– It’s great that you don’t have to rake because you’re in the middle of the forest. Blueberries and lingonberries can be found in the yard. I didn’t want the cottage to look like a detached house in Espoo.

The cottage is still dear to relatives as well, and now there is room for guests as well.

Erin and family are already looking forward to summer in their renovated cottage.­

– I remember when we slept there in 20 square once with Vesa and her parents, and everyone else snore, Erin laughs.

Erin recalls that the cottage was still a little different in her childhood.

– People have become more comfortable. It was crowded at the time, and it was just charming.

Villa & Huussi, 12th season on Monday 22.3. from Nelonen at 8 p.m.

Read the full article in the new TV magazine! The magazine will be on sale from March 17 to 23. together with Ilta-Sanomat. Digiversion can be found here.

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