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ERC agrees on the investiture of Pere Aragons with the CUP to put pressure on JxCat

Negotiation of independence

Republicans urge Puigdemont to avoid the institutional blockade and anoint his candidate now

The ERC candidate for the Generalitat.

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Four days after the next Friday the 26th expires the legal deadline to attempt the investiture of a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, the two great separatist forces remain stranded in a negotiation called to be resolved in the last stages, as has become customary. since the procs mutates into a mere pulse between ERC and post-convergence for the control of the cause.

Pere Aragons urged JxCat and the CUP on Saturday to close a governance pact to avoid transferring an image of paralysis in a pandemic. The anti-establishment have reacted, but the Carles Puigdemont they are not taken for granted.

ERC and the CUP have announced a preliminary agreement to facilitate the investiture of Aragons, which must be validated on Wednesday by the rank and file of the radical left formation.

However, the acronyms dominated by Carles Puigdemont intend to maintain the uncertainty about the viability of the investiture to amass as much power in the Executive as possible. For this, the new president of the Parliament, Laura borrs, already threatens to use his position to extend the deadlines. The JxCat leader agrees to declare that no candidate has support to be anointed and activate the countdown towards the electoral repetition. He intends to cling to a report by the lawyers of the Catalan Chamber published as a result of the disqualification of Quim Torra in which they assured that, in order for the clock to start ticking towards the automatic call for elections, it was not necessary to hold a failed plenary session.

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Taking advantage of this confusion, claims the socialist Salvador Illa be able to undergo the investiture even knowing that you do not have support.

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