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Employment .. obligating the resigned government employee to refund the costs of his training for the last 6 months before resigning – local – other

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources obligated the employee who resigned from his work at any ministry or federal entity to refund the costs of any training or job qualification obtained during the last six months of work before resigning, provided that the refund is made by direct deduction from the salary or from the end of service reward Noting that the resigned employee who received training whose cost does not exceed 5000 dirhams is excluded or exempted from this condition.

In detail, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources stated that the ministries, agencies and government agencies are committed to applying the forms of training and developing the performance of employees, mentioned in the government-approved training system, provided that the forms of training and development are determined by employers according to the training plans they develop.

The authority stated that identifying the training needs of federal employees’ employees, and helping them to set up their individual training and development plan, is one of the responsibilities of direct managers, stressing their keenness to support efforts to qualify new graduates before and after the appointment stage, through four main channels or mechanisms for job rehabilitation.

She said: “The first mechanism is the (Masar) program, which aims to attract and sponsor high school graduates from among the citizens of the country to obtain scientific qualifications, to occupy civil jobs in the federal government sector in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers organizing this, while the second mechanism includes individual development plans. According to the mechanisms of the training and development management system and the job performance system, approved by the Council of Ministers.

The authority indicated that the three channels of job qualification in the federal government are represented in the federal government e-learning platform, known as “Al-Mawred”, and it performs its duties through cooperation with educational institutions and international companies in the field of providing electronic training, to provide professional certificates to federal government employees. To develop the employee’s skills from the beginning of the appointment, and for all employees at different job levels, and enable them to keep pace with the work requirements in the federal government sector.

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She pointed out that the last job rehabilitation mechanism is the “government skills bank”, which is a channel that the graduate can benefit from by communicating with experts in the federal government. The authority responded to questions from followers of its official website, about the mechanisms, requirements and fees for training and job qualification, including a question about whether the employee bears the return of training fees in the event that the requirements of the training course are not fulfilled. The authority answered: Yes, the employee must return the costs that were paid to him in this case The government agency is entitled to recover the course costs by deducting his salary. She stated that the mechanisms of deduction are carried out through the competent training department and the salaries department, and are approved according to the manual for delegating the financial and administrative powers of the federal entity, where the competent minister or his representative may issue the necessary decision for deduction. The authority pointed out that the costs and fees for the training course are reimbursed in the event that the employee submits his resignation six months before the last session he attended, and the expenses may be deducted from his salary or from his end-of-service gratuity, and the employee is exempt from training courses expenses of less than 5,000 dirhams.

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