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Emmanuel Macron will he announce a toughening of measures?



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France 2

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V.Astruc, J.Neny, A.Mezmorian, A.Bourse, H.Capelli, G.Bourlat, F.Decominck, A.Papi, K.Guyomard, B.Coene, R.Laurentin

France 2

France Televisions

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The head of state could take new restrictive measures in the face of the worrying figures of the Covid-19 epidemic, but the members of the majority are tearing themselves apart. The journalists of France Télévisions reveal to you the underside of Emmanuel Macron’s decision-making.

The third wave has arrived in France, and Emmanuel Macron is under pressure. So far, a third national confinement has been avoided, but on the eve of a new national defense council, scheduled for Wednesday, March 31, the epidemic figures put this hypothesis on the table. Within the majority, several lines clash. “Nobody understands anything anymore, we need a national and readable measure once and for all”, Estimates a leader of the majority. Another minister notes: “we tried to hold on. No pot, there it blazes everywhere. We’re gonna have to do something”.

Other members of the majority, ministers or presidential advisers, still want to believe it, in the face of the increasing arrival of vaccines. They believe that other measures, halfway through confinement, are still possible, such as the closure of schools or the ban on professional travel. Passing the middle schools in half-gauge, or even playing on vacations and canteens are also options. The president should once again decide at the last minute, after consulting the latest figures and the latest opinion polls.

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