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Emmanuel Macron considers that a stronger European recovery will be necessary

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                At the end of the European summit devoted to the health crisis on Thursday, the French President estimated that Brussels will have to strengthen its economic recovery plan, on the model of the United States.  Emmanuel Macron also said "he was right" not to reconfine France in January.

                                    <p>French President Emmanuel Macron estimated Thursday March 25 that Europe will have to "improve" and "complete" its economic and budgetary response to the Covid-19 crisis so that the recovery is "more vigorous" and does not diverge too much from that the United States.

“This is one of the lessons of the crisis for Europe as for France: we must drastically simplify our responses. We are too slow, we are too complex, we are too stuck in our own bureaucracies”, added the Head of State in front of the press at the end of the European summit which was held by videoconference.

Summarizing the discussions between the 26 other EU leaders, Emmanuel Macron stressed that the way out of the crisis was “through maintaining budget support measures as long as the health crisis lasts and the rapid implementation of the recovery plan. European “of 750 billion euros which was adopted in July.

With this “extremely strong” commitment, the EU “provided an adequate response” following the first wave of the epidemic in spring 2020. But, following the 2nd and 3rd wave (…), it we will undoubtedly need to complete this response, ”he added.

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“Plant a seed”

“The strength of the American response and the plan announced a few days ago by President Biden and his Congress place us before a historic responsibility,” said the head of state, alluding to the decision to inject $ 1.9 trillion in the US economy.

On the basis of projections, “we can see that the United States will return to approximately mid-2021 the absolute level which was theirs before the crisis and above all will very quickly return to the trajectory which was theirs,” he said. -He underlines. While the EU will not return to this level “until spring-summer 2022”, ie “a shift in trajectory which is worrying because it is a loss of potential growth”, according to him.

“This presupposes an undoubtedly more vigorous response and I think that it is this discussion that we must have between Europeans”, he concluded, calling for “to invest even faster and more strongly in our sectoral priorities. “.

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The head of state wants to “launch the debate and” plant a seed “on this subject that he has not yet discussed with his counterparts, according to a French diplomatic source.

“It’s not my fault”

Internally, Emmanuel Macron assumes his choices. “I can tell you: we were right not to reconfine France at the end of January because there was not the explosion which was foreseen by all the models”, pleaded the chief. of State. “I can tell you that I have no mea culpa to do, no remorse, no acknowledgment of failure”, he insisted, while criticism is increasing in the face of a sharp deterioration in the health situation in France .

Returning to the reasons which guided his decision, Emmanuel Macron acknowledged that there was “a risk” because “the virus was running”. “But we considered that with the curfew measures taken, the braking measures, we could cope without there being an outbreak and that is what happened,” he said. he underlined, adding that he had taken “into account several factors”, including “mental health”, “the tension and the difficulties for our young people” or “our educational priority”. “It is each time a scale that we hold,” he said.

But the head of state observed that there was then “an inflection” at the beginning of March with an “acceleration” of the epidemic attributed to the increased spread of the English variant. This has therefore led the government to order containment measures in around twenty departments now, including all of Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France.

“In my eyes, there is no taboo, each time you have to have the most appropriate response”, explained Emmanuel Macron who said “take all the necessary measures in due time”.

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