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Emmanuel Macron, alone against all


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France 3

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Emmanuel Macron assumes his strategy to fight Covid-19, which the majority describes as “balanced”, while doctors are warning them of the gravity of the situation. The opposition accuses him of being satisfied with a heavy balance sheet.
The Head of State continues to assume his strategy to fight Covid-19, even though a strengthening of restrictive measures to deal with the epidemic is mentioned. “Scientific unanimity has never been there (…). Some said to us: ‘In February you are going to take the wall.’ We did not hit the wall (…). We have taken measures proportionate to the situation“, assured Emmanuel Macron in the Journal du Dimanche, dated March 28. The presidential majority speaks, for its part, of a fair balance found by the president.

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The National Rally, however, does not share Emmanuel Macron’s feeling of satisfaction. “It’s quite unworthy of him to give himself so much satisfaction with such a heavy failure.“, remarked the president of the RN, Marine Le Pen, on the set of” Dimanche en politique “, the political magazine of France 3. For Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region and now official candidate for the next presidential election, the head of state should admit his mistakes.The executive is awaiting the latest data on the epidemic to perhaps put in place new health restrictions.

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