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Home World Emmanuel Macron accepts his decision not to have reconfigured France in January
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Emmanuel Macron accepts his decision not to have reconfigured France in January



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J.-B. Marteau, R. Sicard, J. Ababsa, P. Brame

France 3

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Regarding the management of the coronavirus epidemic, Emmanuel Macron persists and signs. AT l’issue of a European summit which took place Thursday evening March 25, the Head of State justified his decision not to have reconfigured France last January. He also spoke of possible restrictive measures in the coming weeks.

As France faces a third virulent wave of coronavirus, Emmanuel Macron spoke, Thursday evening March 25,
after a European summit. It assumes its strategy, in particular that of not reconfining the country last January, as the scientists recommended. “I have no mea culpa to do, no remorse or failure“, declared the President of the Republic.

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We were right to do it“, added the Head of State, who recalled that the zero risk does not exist in any country. In addition, the person concerned announced difficult weeks to come. Indeed, new restrictive measures could be announced. Regarding the supply of vaccine doses, Emmanuel Macron recognizes that the United States has invested faster and stronger in research. He finally highlighted “the end of European naivety“compared to the AstraZeneca vaccine.”I support the fact that we must block all exports that will be made as long as laboratories do not respect their commitments with Europeans“, he clarified.

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