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Emil Ruusuvuori, 21, amazed in a wild ball rally against a superstar – Tennis

Emil Ruusuvuori took perhaps the most handsome victory of his career so far in Miami.

The Finnish tennis promise Emil Ruusuvuori twisted the real sensational victory over Germany Alexander Zverev In the second round of the Miami Masters Tournament.

The 21-year-old Ruusuvuori defeated the top 7 German teams in the world rankings 1–6, 6–3, 6–1. The Rose Mountain itself is 83rd on the world list.

In the opening round of the match, Ruusuvuori did not keep up with the German, but in the second set the direction of the match changed dramatically. Zverev’s pass, which was known to be flimsy, started with tangles, and the Finn rose according to the game.

The most spectacular single point of the match was seen in Zverev’s final inning of the second inning.

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Rose lining Zverev got distressed with a couple of heavy punches far behind the back line, but the German managed, as if by a miracle, to stop the Finn and then purely reflexed his racket in the way of a Finnish overtaking attempt.

Rose Mountain ran over the hovering ball and restored it handsomely between her legs. The Finn had time for Zverev’s next knuckle conquest, and the lucky net hit gave Ruusuvuori a place to finish the ball, which already looked lost.

– That must be one of the best points of the year. For once miraculous, Tennis TV’s commentary was glowed.

A moment later, Rose Mountain broke Zverev’s feed and won the second set. In the third, the exhausted German was badly left at the feet of Mount Rose.

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Rose lining won for the second time in his career a player in the top ten on the world list. In the autumn of 2019, the Finn defeated Austria Dominic Thiemin In a Davis Cup match. Thiem was number five on the world list at the time.

Zverev played in the U.S. Open singles final last year, and has won 14 ATP tournaments, including the tour final in 2018.

Rose Mountain will face Sweden in the third round of the Miami tournament on Sunday Mikael Ymerin.

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