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Home Sport Emil Persson against historic Swedish victory: "Nice to take down the Norwegians"
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Emil Persson against historic Swedish victory: “Nice to take down the Norwegians”

The 25-year-old Swede Emil Persson has impressed a lot in the cross-country cup Ski Classics this season when he has taken four victories. In the tough end of the season, the 100 kilometer long Årefjällsloppet, he can finish 50th and still take home the overall victory.

If he succeeds in doing so, he will be the first Swedish champion to win the overall cup since Ski Classics was founded in 2011. Since 2012, it has only been Norwegian winners.

– It’s time, I think. It will be really nice to take the Norwegians down from the throne. It’s funny. It is a special fight we have, says Persson.

Are there a lot of picks between Norwegians and Swedes?

– There are some points and comments back and forth. But it’s with a twinkle in the eye, not so bloody seriously.

Many of the top skiers in Ski Classics also have good qualifications from the World Cup, but Emil Persson has invested in long distance running from the beginning and thus achieved success at a fairly young age.

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– I started with it early in my career. Maybe I staked more than others did and drove longer sessions. That foundation may be in a bit and when you have only invested in long distance running and staking, it has lifted even more.

The Årefjäll race, which runs tomorrow Saturday, will be the longest in Ski Classic’s history.

– The important thing will probably be that during the competition you are careful to replenish energy all the way. A lot can happen in ten miles and it looks like it could be a competition time of 5-6 hours. It is important to top up so you do not go into the wall.

CLIP: Emil Persson won in Ski Classics after sprint (March 21)

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Emil Persson took the second victory in two days in Ski Classics. Photo: Bildbyrån

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