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Embassy in Germany responded to the statements of the Polish diplomat about Russia

The Russian Embassy in Germany commented on the statement of the Polish Ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przylebski, who in an interview with RND called for the winding down of the Nord Stream 2 project and declared the need to weaken Russia.

“Such belligerent rhetoric and openly hostile tone of the diplomat cause disappointment and bewilderment,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

The embassy believes that “singing Russian songs and watching Russian films have taught nothing” to the Polish diplomat.

Also, the Russian diplomatic mission stressed that Russia has no plans to attack anyone.

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“The military expenditures of the Russian Federation are formed on the basis of the principle of the necessary sufficiency to ensure the reliable defense capability of the countries. By the way, they are 24 times less than the total military expenditures of NATO countries, ”the embassy said.

The message says that it is not Russia, but NATO countries that are pushing their strike forces eastward.

“With regard to the calls to“ weaken Russia ”by stopping Nord Stream 2,” we are forced to remind that the volume of Russian gas supplies is determined, first of all, by the needs of the EU countries, ”the statement says.

The embassy stressed that the disruption of the pipeline project would not reduce sales of Russian gas, but would only redirect hydrocarbon flows along other routes.

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“This, apparently, is the true goal of Warsaw,” the diplomatic mission believes.

Earlier, Matilda Androuet, MEP from France (Identity and Democracy faction) raised the issue of the need to resist the US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and to protect the economic interests of the EU.

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