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Elon Musk and Tesla in the teeth of the authorities – allegedly guilty of, among other things, illegal dismissal – Taloussanomat

By decision of the authority, Elon Muskin must also remove the tweet, which was considered illegal from 2018.

The United States The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled yesterday, March 25, that Tesla billionaire Elon Muskin the tweet published in 2018 was illegal and should be removed. They tell about it, among other things Washington Post and Business Today.

According to the NLRB, Tesla has also repeatedly violated labor laws, including preventing its employees from speaking to members of the press. It is also alleged to have interrogated its pro-union workers. As the most serious charge, the NLRB alleges that Tesla unlawfully dismissed a pro-union employee.

The employee in question must be recruited by decision of the authority.

Tesla has denied allegations of illegality.

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I’m sorry in his tweet in the middle, Musk alluded to the consequences of forming a union. He said workers can form a union if they wish, but Musk finds it pointless.

“Why pay union membership fees and give up your stock options in vain,” Musk asked in his tweet.

Musk’s statement immediately caused annoyance, and many questioned why employees would lose their stock options as a result of union membership. According to the authority, the content of the message is also illegal, as it says that workers who vote in favor of joining a trade union would lose their interests.

However, Musk denied the intimidation in his follow-up tweet. Instead, he said he was irritated that the automotive union wanted to forcibly divide people into gentlemen and laymen. In his third tweet, Musk blamed unions for the loss of as many as 200,000 jobs in the automotive industry.

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However, according to the NLRB, the mere removal of the tweet is not enough, and Tesla must announce the decision nationwide at its plants.

Dispute The Twitter message dates back to 2018, when the United Auto Workers, a trade union representing the automotive industry, filed a complaint with the NLRB. At the time, UAW sought to represent non-unionized workers at Tesla’s Fremont plant.

So far, Musk’s tweet is still visible. Neither Musk nor the UAW have commented on the NLRB’s decision.

The NLRB has no power to impose penalties on companies or management, and its decision can be appealed to a federal court.

NRLB’s decision was first reported in Finland Tivi magazine.

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